Useful ideas

15 professional design tricks that will make the interior of any room more beautiful and more comfortable.


Despite all the efforts applied to home improvement, the result may not be happy.

It seems that the colors are harmoniously chosen, and the decor is arranged - but the house still looks uncomfortable and cold.

Such an annoying situation can be prevented if you use tricks known professional designers.

1. Wall art gallery at home

Wall decor will help to make the room cozy.

Non-standard wall decoration is a feature of the room, which indicates that the design of the room was done by a professional designer. In the absence of proper skills, it is easy to go beyond good taste. But there are simple way to effectively decorate the walls. For example, turn a room into an art gallery, the walls of which adorn your favorite photos and reproductions of your favorite paintings.

2. Creative and comfortable furniture

How to make a room cozy? Will help custom furniture.

The room in which a person feels uncomfortable or uncomfortable, simply can not be comfortable. Therefore, take care of the availability of functional furniture in it is necessary. To give a highlight to an interior, choose modern models of furniture. In addition to the impressive design, they boast exceptional comfort. For example, frameless or hanging furniture will help to make a room cozy.

3. Safe home

Falshkamina in a modern interior.

To equip a real fireplace with a living flame in an ordinary apartment is an idea that, due to the existing building codes, was not destined to be realized. But having a home remains a childhood dream of many. The solution exists. Enough to equip the apartment falshkamina. In form, it resembles the usual, but the difference lies in the absence of a fire in it. It is replaced by candles, live plants, decorative compositions.

4. Vintage notes

How to make a room cozy? Vintage details come to the rescue.

Textile decor for comfort in the room.

It is difficult to find a house in which there would be no textiles. Towels, curtains, upholstery for furniture - all these textile elements have a mainly practical function, therefore they are not able to radically transform the interior and make it cozy. Try adding more textiles to the room and it will transform. Decorative pillows, rugs, draperies, canopies - all these details create a home comfort.

6. Holiday wreaths on weekdays

Garlands will decorate any home.

Christmas garlands are appropriate not only on holidays. To make such a festive illumination look harmonious and on weekdays, you need to observe moderation. Decorating the whole apartment with garlands is not worth it, but using a pair of luminous threads instead of a wall lamp is a great solution. Festive illumination will improve the mood, recalling the celebrations held in a warm family circle.

7. Attention - to functional areas

Zoning will make the home cozy.

A room of medium or large area, not divided into functional areas, looks empty, and its interior is incomplete. On the contrary, the room where zoning is done seems cozy. After all, people who are in a certain area, feel more isolated, so - comfortable. There are many methods of zoning: from shelving to a series of luminaires-suspensions.

8. Soft spot lighting

Multi-level lighting will make the room cozy.

Bright light is associated with office or hospital space. Especially if the ability to adjust its intensity is absent. Therefore, we recommend to provide a multi-level lighting system in the room. So, being in a certain functional zone, it will be possible to turn on the light in it. The right place will be lit, and the rest of the room - immersed in a pleasant gloom.

9. The luxury of natural wood

Tree for comfort in the room.

All natural materials, including wood, are associated with being in the lap of nature. Such a pastime in the overwhelming majority of people causes positive emotions. Therefore, simply adding to the interior items made of wood, it is easy to make it more comfortable. If wooden furniture is not affordable, then look at the decor of this material.

10. Some wildlife in the house

Living plants will make for comfort in the apartment.

Living greens, like natural materials, are also associated with nature. Several potted plants can dramatically transform even the most uncomfortable and boring room. But do not turn the room into a winter garden or a greenhouse. Two or three unpretentious plants will be quite enough to make the atmosphere in the home warm.

11. Exquisite floral print wallpaper.

Delicate wallpaper in the bedroom.

Painting the walls and various decorative panels as a way to finish the walls is now in vogue. But it is the wallpaper that additionally adds comfort to the room. Especially if they are applied exquisite floral ornament. If pasting the whole room with patterned wallpaper seems too defiant, then make one of the walls accent. Glue the wallpaper on it, and paint the rest in a harmonious color.

12. Gentle pastel instead of bright contrasts.

Interior in pastel colors.

The interior, dominated by pastel colors, contributes to the complete relaxation and restoration of vitality. But the decor, made in one soft shade, may look too dull. The best option is to combine several pastel colors, for example, gray-blue and pink. Bright decorative details will revive the interior.

13. Chic monochrome

Interior in shades of one color.

How to make a room cozy, if you prefer one particular color? Unfortunately, a full monochrome will go beyond the boundaries of good taste. But it’s not at all necessary to give up the dream of being surrounded by your favorite color. Just create an interior in which design many shades of one color are combined. Home comfort guaranteed!

14. The unity of the design of the walls and floor

The walls and floor are the same color.

Walls and floors with the same finish - a proven way to create a holistic and harmonious interior. To make the atmosphere cozy, choose pastel colors. The unusual texture of the finish will be an additional advantage in the fight for comfort in the apartment. How to make a room cozy, but not boring? Arrange an accent wall of similar color. Its color coincides with the base, but the texture is different. For example, suitable decorative brick or bulk panels.

15. Symphony of prints

Interior with different prints.

Several prints, collected in the same room, give it attractive rustic comfort. But to make the room look harmonious, you need to combine all the prints. To do this, they should have one or two common elements - for example, a white background for prints. Also, one of the prints should be chosen as the base. His room will be the most.

16. Duo green and brown

The combination of brown and green in the interior.

The combination of green and brown is one of the most pleasing to the human eye. Therefore, if there are doubts when choosing a color scheme for the interior, stop at this combination. Cozy atmosphere guaranteed.