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8 good ideas that make a small bedroom seem bigger


8 good ideas that make a small bedroom seem bigger

For many, a bedroom is not only a place where you want to relax, but also a dressing room and a small beauty salon.

There are many functions, and the area is limited. But do not despair.

Designers have come up with a lot of variations on how to visually expand the room, and practically compact the room.

1. The play of light and form

Borders and unusual light.

The first thing to consider when starting a renovation in a small bedroom is its future boundaries and lighting. By borders we mean the contours of space: niches, built-in wardrobes, multi-level ceilings and a podium. Immediately, we note that in the interior of a small room, massive plasterboard constructions will look hard and ridiculous, which means it’s better to refuse them. Much more profitable will look glossy stretch ceiling built-in wardrobes and wall panels. When planning to create a niche in the room, it is important not to forget about symmetry. Also, any protruding parts would be good to complement the backlight to avoid the appearance of shadows.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors and mirror surfaces.

In our opinion, all owners of small apartments are obliged to love mirrors and any reflective surfaces. With their help, you can reflect and redirect streams of light, visually pushing the walls apart. Installing mirrors is best against the source of natural light. In a small bedroom, glossy stretch ceilings, wardrobes with mirrored doors, reflective panels and floor mirrors in beautiful frames look great.

3. Accents

Accent wall in the interior.

A small bedroom in one shade will seem even smaller. To prevent this, select one of the walls with the help of color, texture or pattern. However, remember that the emphasis should not be alone. Complete it with an appropriate decor: carpet, lamps or small pieces of furniture. The use of such contrasting details will add volume to the room and will distract from its modest dimensions.

4. Mobile furniture

Smart and mobile furniture.

Low, mobile and transforming furniture - the main allies on the way to the open space in a small bedroom. A low bed on wheels will visually move the ceiling, and also allow you to move it in case you need to free up space. With regard to transforming furniture - it is generally a godsend for the owner of an apartment of a modest size. Lifting bed, which, if necessary, turns into a wardrobe, sofa or table will help to save almost half of the room and replace several pieces of furniture.

5. Storage

Special storage systems.

Sometimes, when it comes to small bedrooms, it makes sense to abandon the classic wardrobe, many bedside tables and chest of drawers. However, the question of storing things somehow arises before the owners of such spaces. If you do not intend to donate half of the room under a good closet, pay attention to the open storage system. Hangers, rails and a variety of hooks allow you to store clothes directly on the walls, turning it into a kind of decor items. True to store in this way it is recommended that only a small part of everyday things. You understand that fur coats and jackets hanging along the walls will look at least strange.

6. Zoning

Proper zoning.

If in the small bedroom you plan to find a place also for the workplace, it makes sense to think about zoning. For these purposes, you can use partitions. So that they do not take up space, choose models of glass, lattice structures and hollow racks. They pass light through themselves, occupy a minimum of space and do not clutter up space.

7. Color scheme

Colors, shades and their competent combination.

Many people believe that if a room is small, then it must be bright and monochrome. However, staying on one color, especially if it is white, gray or beige, you risk getting a boring room with a hint of sterility. To avoid such an undesirable effect and create a beautiful cozy space, mix colors and textures correctly. For an example, take a look at this bedroom, where you harmoniously managed to combine white walls with gray textile details, wooden texture and heavy brown curtains.

8. Natural lighting

The windows in the small bedroom.

And finally, about the window. The more of them in your bedroom - the better. So, if there is an opportunity to connect a room with a loggia - do it. Large windows will fill the room with light and air and significantly and the space will be guaranteed to appear large, even if in fact it is not.

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