Useful ideas

15 simple, but very useful devices that will be useful in the household


Of course, someone thinks that in everyday life one can be content with a minimum, but when there are a lot of things that can make life easier and routine chores to turn into pleasant chores, it is difficult to deny yourself the pleasure of trying them out.

And in our review of 15 simple but very useful devices that will always be useful in the economy.

1. Device for boiling eggs

Special steam engine designed for 4 eggs, which quickly and easily boil them.

2. Extension Socket

The socket outlet is attached to a long cord, which allows you to conveniently use a vacuum cleaner or move around the apartment without interrupting charging.

3. Console for finding things

This adaptation will help you forever to get rid of the painful search for small and necessary things, such as keys, TV remote control, telephone and others. It is a remote control and several keyfobs equipped with radio sensors.

4. Travel bag

This sports bag easily turns into a folding camp chair.

5. Rocking bed

Universal piece of furniture, combining high chair and cot for a newborn. The design of this product allows him to sway slightly, which the child will surely like.

6. Universal glass

Double-sided glass from which you can drink beer and shots.

7. Transforming chopping board

Cutting board designed for cutting vegetables, which makes it easy to drain excess liquid.

8. Phone holder

Suspended shelf holder with a convenient mount.

9. Device for cutting watermelons and melons

Very simple and easy to use device that will easily allow you to cut a watermelon or melon into neat slices.

10. Stand for Tacos

Fun stand for tacos.

11. Spoon holder

This is a small spoon stand attached to the pan, keeping the kitchen surfaces clean.

12. "whatnot" for the oven

The design of several metal shelves, allowing you to cook in the oven several dishes at the same time.

13. Cupcake knife

A small screwdriver knife that allows you to make neat cuts in muffins for the filling.

14. Baby cot

Compact bed for the baby, which consists of three walls and anchorage, which can be attached to an adult bed.

15. Shoe rack

Such a shoe rack fits in any closet and will relieve forever of bulky shoe boxes.