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7 tricks to clean up the bathroom, which is clearly invented by a genius


For perfect cleanliness in the house does not hurt to use a few clever tricks. They will facilitate cleaning, help get rid of germs and plaque, even where you could despair.

Useful life hacking will improve efficiency, save money and time, and most importantly will be absolutely safe. The bathroom and the restroom will become clean so quickly that cleaning will seem like the easiest task, and the one who invented these techniques is a real genius.

1. Clean mirrors

Crystal clear with original reception.

Instead of using chemistry from the store, why not try a safe natural remedy? Moreover, it is no less effective. Even improvised means: tea and newspaper can make the mirrors and glasses shine. First you need to brew in a cup of water three tea bags. The resulting concentrate is poured into the sprayer. We crush the newspaper in any order and form a ball. Apply a little liquid from the sprayer onto the mirror and rub it with a newspaper. No pollution and divorce! For a perfect effect, it may be necessary to repeat the operation several times.

2. Perfectly clean shower

A couple of simple tools, and the guidance of cleanliness will be like clockwork.

The shower or bath is a known place of frequent pollution. They accumulate plaque from hard water, the remnants of soap, detergents and hygiene products, which are mixed with other unpleasant dirt, if you do not do the cleaning regularly. Quickly remove all help a special brush with a handle-container. After removing the cap, in the handle you need to pour one part of ordinary vinegar and one part of liquid soap. Now this is a universal remedy to get rid of any dirt in the bathroom: the resulting mixture gradually wets a sponge, which is easy to clean in any hard-to-reach places.

3. Fight hard water stains

The quality of water leaves much to be desired, so you should stock up on lemons.

Cool, but simple means to remove particularly strong plaque.

Another effective home remedy, vinegar, will help to destroy plaque from hard water, which is not removed by lemon. To ensure maximum efficiency, you need to put a clean cloth in place of contamination, and top it with distilled white vinegar until it is thoroughly soaked. Such a "compress" should be left for half an hour, and then wiped off the raid with the same cloth and rinse with water. An old and unnecessary toothbrush will help to clean out hard-to-reach places. Any surface will shine like new.

5. Beauty is in the details

General cleaning includes cleaning even small and not particularly important items.

If the soap dispenser or the toothbrush holder does not look particularly clean and beautiful, it’s time to deal with them. When cleaning, they are often forgotten, but do not, so as not to collect plaque and not contribute to the spread of germs. In order not to waste time on cleaning out all small holes, you can send a brush holder to the dishwasher - it will cope better. If not, then you should soak the holder in water with a little lemon juice, and then rinse with water.

6. Toilet cleaning

Fill the vinegar in the toilet to kill all the bacteria.

For effective cleaning of the toilet you can also not use the store tools with aggressive chemicals. Good result is quite provide ordinary vinegar. Moreover, this method is environmentally friendly and particularly effective in combating various microbes, bacteria, mold and lime deposits.

Part of the vinegar should be poured directly into the tank with water - you get the optimal composition to clean and disinfect the drain. Then on the bottle with vinegar you need to wear a spray bottle and clean all other parts of the toilet bowl, wiping it with a cloth. Kill all the germs and remove all lime deposits will help a simple technique - you need to soak toilet paper with vinegar and lay it in the recesses of the inside of the toilet. Leaving the paper there for 5 minutes, you can brush all the inner walls at this time. Then we remove the paper and wash it off - the toilet will be perfectly clean and safe.

7. Unaccounted part

Subject that requires mandatory cleaning.

Often the source of unpleasant odor and dirt is a toilet brush, which many people forget during cleaning. The best method to quickly clean even difficult-to-get dirty places inside the brush is to pour a universal cleanser with antimicrobial properties into its holder and put it there. 10 minutes will be enough to brush again like new - clean and shiny.

8. Bonus Secret

This technique will help to serve the washing machine for much longer without breakdowns.

A washing machine is a very useful household equipment, which, it would seem, can work forever without any care. But it is not. During long-term operation, the ventilation holes in the machine become clogged with dust, small objects and dirt. This leads to the spread of germs and in the worst case can cause a fire from overheating of the washing machine. To clean these hard-to-reach places, you need to make a special long nozzle out of cardboard, which you then put on the vacuum cleaner hose. With it, it is necessary to periodically remove all internal contamination, because the cardboard is elastic enough to bend into the desired shape.

Important information: Thousands of washing machines break down every year precisely because of excessively dirty air vents. Whereas their owners do not even realize what the problem is.