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10 low-cost ways to upgrade your kitchen without overhauling


To give the situation a fresh and unbanal look, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money.

There are several examples where the original, but cheap solution creates a better effect than expensive purchases.

Any kitchen does not hurt to add bright colors, so that both cooking and daily meals are held in a cheerful atmosphere.

1. More colors!

Add room brightness to help ordinary stools.

Color accent is quite simple to create - just update old ones or buy new stools or chairs. Old furniture can be painted, decorated with sewn or purchased covers, twisted around with colored rope. If you have the money, the desire and the need to replace - you can just buy new chairs. Both stools of the same contrasting or distinctive shade and multi-colored options will look creative. You can even create a rainbow effect with the help of chairs - such design can not be found in every kitchen.

2. Ornament or pattern

Bright detail can give a special charm to even the smallest kitchen.

Unusual colors or patterns that stand out a bit from the general interior are a great way to liven up the atmosphere. As an original accent, you can use a vintage-style carpet, voluminous wallpaper with large flowers or a geometric pattern. You can even combine several techniques at the same time, but then they must be combined in color or pattern so as not to make the interior of the kitchen too fanciful.

3. Plates as decor

Unusual solution for a special atmosphere of comfort and identity.

Plates for the kitchen - the usual thing, only if they do not hang on the walls. Choosing beautiful, unusual or just bright options you can make an original accent in any interior. To fix the decor on the wall, use removable printed or glued strips of any durable material or hooks. You can even make a small shelf for each plate or hang a decoration on a nail driven into the wall, which, by the way, can also be of unusual shape or appearance. Unique items for decoration can always be found at a regular sale - inexpensive and original.

4. Pendant lights

A stylish accent in the kitchen doesn't hurt either.

Lamps can be an ornament to any kitchen. Properly chosen decor can link the entire room into a single harmonious environment or make an unusual accent, which will set the usual interior for new motives. You can hang one large lamp or several small ones - the choice is worth making, depending on the style and decor. Equally important is the mood that you want to give the kitchen: a large decor gives charm and monumentality, and a smaller one - lightness and ease.

5. Open shelves

Functional and stylish welcome to decorate the kitchen of any size.

Shelves, as if floating in the air, will add extra storage space to the kitchen, but they will not make it heavier. A few wooden shelves above the sink or near it will conveniently stir the washed plates and other dishes, as well as provide free space for spices or souvenirs dear to the heart.

6. One color

Only one unique shade will make the kitchen interesting and unique.

Nothing changes a room like its color. It is considered that a beautiful interior must combine several harmonious shades with several bright accents. But even if you do everything in one beautiful shade, the kitchen will not lose from this, but will only benefit.

7. Inexpensive Dining Table

A simple solution to update the interior.

To facilitate the gathering of meals for a family with a large number of people, you can combine a table with a worktop or kitchen work area. And you can simply update the old table, using a new tablecloth, embroidered or knitted napkins, bamboo baskets or an original vase with flowers.

8. Open cabinets

Just a few simple techniques can give the room a new look.

To ensure your interior is free to upgrade, try removing the front of the cabinet. Place on the shelves glassware and colorful bowls - this will help create an attractive accent, which will become a unique element of the kitchen. Another original and effective technique: add small hooks under the shelf so that you can hang there beautiful cups, which will be both utensils and decorations.

9. Snack boxes

Stylish and practical element of decor.

Store pre-packaged foods, such as cereals or spices, in small wicker boxes and baskets. They are not only convenient to use, but also transform any interior, adding comfort, naturalness and beauty to it. Even children can get such baskets when they need to eat after school, then it’s better to keep some healthy snacks in them.

10. Upgrading technology

Such an original accent just will not go unnoticed.

Why not upgrade your familiar stainless steel stove or refrigerator with a new color? This is not banal, and the main thing is not difficult. To do this, you can use a color overlay, a sticker with a picture, or even paint if the equipment is outdated and requires a radical update.