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14 culinary tricks with which cooking will be many times more pleasant and faster


Everyone likes to eat deliciously. But the process of absorption of snacks is preceded by the process of their preparation. And so that it does not turn into an uninteresting routine, we have collected 14 culinary tricks that will help to cope with cooking much faster and more qualitatively.

1. So that the pieces of fish do not fall apart when frying

Appetizing fried fish pieces.

So that the pieces of fish do not fall apart during frying, they should be wiped with a paper towel and salt 10-15 minutes before the heat treatment. As a result, you get neat pieces of fish with a crispy fried crust.

2. Tasty cook old potatoes

A tasty dish of boiled old potatoes.

Vinegar and garlic will help to improve the taste of old potatoes. During the cooking process, add a spoonful of vinegar, 2-3 cloves of garlic and bay leaf to the pan. Also take into account the fact that for the preparation of old potatoes requires twice as much water than for cooking young.

3. Easy to clean the fish

Easy to clean fish from scales.

Nobody likes to cook fish because of scales, which is not only difficult to remove, but also flies in different directions. However, there is a trick by which you can clean the fish in five minutes. To do this, dip the fish in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, and then immerse in the cold.

4. Onions without tears

Cut the onion painlessly.

Slicing onions, do not forget to periodically moisten the blade with cold water. Cold water from a knife dissolves a lacrimator, which is why it practically does not stand out in the air, and therefore does not irritate the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes.

5. Save salted soup

Neutralize the salt in the soup.

To save salty soup will help gauze bag with long grain rice. Dip the bag into the pan with the spoiled dish, cook for 10-15 minutes and discard. The croup will absorb the excess salt.

6. To keep the yolks from falling apart.

Carefully cut the boiled eggs.

Moisten the knife with cold water so that the yolks of boiled eggs do not crumble.

7. Dough without lumps

Pancake dough without lumps.

If you can't make dough for pancakes without lumps, strain the mass through a tea strainer.

8. Neutralize the bitterness of eggplants.

To eggplant is not bitter.

Before you start frying eggplant, salt them, leave for half an hour, and then rinse with water. These simple manipulations will neutralize the bitterness of the fried pieces.

9. Thin chops

Thinly chop the meat.

Frozen meat is much easier to cut than fresh. Therefore, if you want to cook thin chops, put a piece of meat in the freezer for 30-60 minutes.

10. Juicy patties with crispy crust.

Juicy minced meat patties.

There is a secret technique for making juicy burgers with a crispy crust. To do this, fry each side of the cutlet, first over high heat, and then on medium. A strong fire at the beginning of cooking will help to achieve a crisp, which will not allow the juice to flow out.

11. Cooking in butter

To the butter does not darken.

Lubricate the pan with vegetable oil and only then heat the butter. Then the butter does not darken during cooking.

12. To prevent the oil from splashing.

Avoid splashing hot oil.

While heating a frying pan, sprinkle a small amount of salt on the surface of the frying pan, then pour in vegetable oil. This will avoid splashing while cooking, even over high heat.

13. Beautiful broth

Appetizing broth.

If you want to drool from one type of your soup at home, tint the broth with a decoction of onion peel.

14. Moisture in the oven

To the dishes do not dry out.

To prevent meat and pastries from being dried in the oven, place a glass or metal container with water down.

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