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Useful ideas

Homemade tricks to solve many domestic problems with sugar


In the new review, 15 small but incredibly useful tricks were collected at once, each of which is absolutely useful in every home.

To implement each of them will need to use sugar.

There is nothing difficult in the proposed methods, let them have to spend some time.

1. Stopping bleeding

Sugar use for cuts.

Sugar can be used to stop bleeding with cuts and skin lesions. Just put it on the wound and wrap it with a bandage. The blood will quickly thicken and stop, and the cut will heal very quickly.

2. Body Scrub

Sugar based home scrub.

Sugar is an excellent skin care product. Small sweet grains perfectly remove impurities, dead skin cells, tighten pores, moisturize and even have an anti-aging effect. Therefore, it makes sense to prepare your own home body scrub, which will make the skin smooth and velvety. To do this, mix a few tablespoons of granulated sugar with olive and coconut oil, add a few drops of any essential oil, mix everything in a homogeneous slurry, place it in a jar with a lid and use to clean the skin 1-2 times a week.

3. Bouquets of flowers

Extend the life of bouquets of flowers.

Add 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of vinegar to the vase of water so that the bouquets of flowers stay fresh longer and look pleasing to the eye.

4. Burning a fire

The use of sugar for the ignition of the fire.

Sprinkle firewood, cooked for the fire, sugar, and only then start the ignition. Sugar multiply the burning and the fire will flare up without any effort.

Sugar to remove stains.

Sugar copes with stubborn stains, as well as stains from fresh grass. To do this, mix the sugar with a small amount of warm water so that a thick gruel is obtained. Apply the prepared mixture to the stain and leave for a few hours, after which wash the thing as usual.

6. Remedy for hiccups

Sugar from hiccups.

If you tortured hiccups, put a piece of refined sugar or a teaspoon of sugar in your mouth and dissolve until completely dissolved. Such a trick will help to cope with even the most powerful attack of hiccups.

7. Cleaning Hands

Hand cleaning for stubborn dirt.

Sugar will help clean your hands of lube, grease or any other serious dirt. Mix it with a small amount of warm water to form a thick slurry, which should be applied to your hands and rub and rinse with water. This procedure will allow you to quickly remove grease and pollution, as well as provide deep cleansing of the skin.

8. Fresh baking

Sugar for storage of pastries and cheese.

So that cakes, pastries, cookies and bread are not stale and not spoiled, store them in sealed containers with a few pieces of refined sugar. Also, with the help of refined sugar you can prevent the appearance of mold on the cheese.

9. Get rid of unpleasant odors.

Sugar to combat odors in the room.

With the help of sugar you can get rid of the corrosive smells of burning or fish in the kitchen. Just place a piece of refined sugar in an old metal bowl and set it on fire.

10. Remedy for wasp bites

Sugar from wasps bites.

If you are bitten by a wasp, bee, or hornet, sprinkle the affected area with sugar. It will remove the poison from the wound and prevent the appearance of edema.

11. Remedy for tongue burn

Sugar from the burn tongue.

Sugar can be used to relieve pain from burns on the tongue or mucous membrane of the mouth with a hot drink or meal. Just put some sugar on the affected area and the pain subsides.

12. Insect trap

Trap for wasps, mosquitoes and hornets.

To prevent mosquitoes, wasps and hornets from darkening their time in nature, build a simple trap for them. To do this, from a cut bottle you need to build a kind of funnel and fill it with a mixture of sugar, water and yeast. Yeast produces carbon dioxide, which attracts black flies, flies and mosquitoes, and sugar will interest other insects.

13. Starched items

Lead things with sugar.

Starched things are denser, stronger, crunchy, less crumpled and stay clean longer. However, it is possible to starch things not only with the help of starch, but also with the help of sugar. To do this, prepare a syrup of 5-6 tablespoons of sugar per liter of water. Syrup should be boiled until sugar is completely dissolved in water. Things should be dipped in a hot syrup, pressed, straightened and dried.

14. Shugaring paste

Sugar hair removal at home.

Sugar hair removal is a popular procedure that can permanently get rid of unwanted vegetation and make the skin smooth and velvety. You can carry out such a procedure at home. To do this, you need to prepare a special paste of 10 tablespoons of sugar, 4 tablespoons of water and half a teaspoon of citric acid. All ingredients need to be mixed in a saucepan with a thick bottom and boil over low heat, stirring the substance so that sugar does not burn. When the paste gets a caramel tint, a little darker than the lager beer, you need to remove the pan from the heat, cool it and start epilating.

15. Fertilizer indoor plants

Top dressing of flowers with sugar.

For indoor flowers to grow quickly, to be strong and bloom, they need to be periodically fed with sugar. Such a fertilizer will be especially relevant in the winter season, when plants experience an acute shortage of ultraviolet radiation. Sugar can be poured into a pot with flowers one teaspoon, and then watered with pure water or syrup prepared from a tablespoon of sugar, diluted in 500 milliliters of water.

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