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10 peeped culinary tricks, repeat that everyone can in their kitchen


Most of the housewives dream of making their dishes astonish and delight the home and guests.

And in order for cooked dishes to have its zest, you need to know the little secrets.

We have collected 10 simple culinary tricks, peeped at the cooking masters, which everyone can do in their own kitchen.

1. Wine for cooking

Wine for cooking any dishes.

Wine can be used not only to drink, but also when cooking.
By adding this noble drink to traditional dishes, you can achieve quite an amazing result. It is worth noting that alcohol perfectly breaks down fats, which means it can be used for cooking any dishes, ranging from marinade, to the passage of vegetables. In addition, red and white wine goes well with almost all products, helping to better reveal their taste and aroma.

2. Egg noodles

New noodle recipe.

Want a little diversify the usual pasta? Break into boiling water, in which noodles, chicken eggs are cooked and mix quickly. In the end, you will get delicious egg noodles, which are completely different from what you are used to eating every day.

3. Juicy patties

Juicy burgers for burgers.

Cooking burgers for meatballs - it would seem, what could be simpler? However, each cook has his own recipe and his own tricks to create his "perfect" cutlet. Famous chef Graham Elliot shared a few secrets of cooking the most important details of any hamburger. First, Elliot admitted that he never adds garlic and onions to the minced meat. Secondly, in order to preserve the juiciness of the meat during the frying process, he places an ice cube on the top of each cutlet.

4. French Toast

French toast in a new way.

Do you want to surprise a homely simple and at the same time unusual dish? We suggest frying French toast. What is unusual in toast? In the classic is really nothing unusual. But if instead of ordinary milk you use caramel or chocolate, you get a completely new taste. Such toasts are well served with banana and chocolate, strawberries with cream or baked apples.

5. Oil to water

So that the water does not boil over.

So that the water does not flow out of the pan with an intense boil, add some vegetable oil to the pan. Such a trick will not only prevent the pollution of the plate, but also improve the quality of the dish. Vegetable oil goes well with any cereals and pasta, allowing the dish to remain crisp and not stick together.

6. Cinnamon

Cinnamon to the meat.

We all used to use cinnamon for baking and desserts, not even knowing that it is also suitable for meat. Add this seasoning to chicken, beef, veal and lamb. Cinnamon will help to reveal the taste of meat, and the familiar dish will sparkle with new notes.

Note: Cinnamon is considered to be one of the most ancient spices. Mention of the use of tree bark was found in Egypt during the excavation of the pyramids. Also cinnamon was mentioned by the ancient Romans, equating it with silver.

7. Caramelized onions

A quick recipe for caramelized onions.

In order not to waste time on such trifles as cooking caramelized onions, sprinkle it with a small amount of soda. This trick will reduce the time of its preparation in half.

8. Lemon juice

Lemon juice instead of salt.

If you want to partially reduce your salt intake, use lemon juice. It can be added to vegetable salads, in spaghetti, rice, and also various marinades for meat and fish.

9. Fruits with salt

Salty fruits.

According to our information, there are receptors in the human language that react to sweet things only if there is a salty stimulus. Thanks to them, the sweet becomes even sweeter with salt. Do not believe? Then add a little salt to a fruit salad or lightly salt some of your favorite berries. Be sure, a completely new taste will pleasantly surprise you.

10. Withered greens

Resuscitate the greens, which wilted.

If during the cooking process you find that the green has withered and has completely lost its appearance, reanimate it with the help of tricks spied on by the chefs. To do this, dill and parsley need to make some kind of contrasting soul. First, dip the beams in hot, and then immediately in cold water. Approximately the same effect can be achieved by lowering herbs in a cold solution of two glasses of water and two tablespoons of vinegar.

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