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8 strange but suitable products that make cleaning the kitchen a quick and enjoyable experience


Cleaning the kitchen is a delicate matter. Here you will not do floor cleaning and dust removal with a damp cloth. You will need to put in order the stove, microwave, oven, tile, kitchen apron ...

This list can be continued forever, because everything that is in the room requires close attention and regular cleaning. But there are several ways to facilitate the process of cleaning the kitchen, for example, using mayonnaise or a sock. Surprised? Then quickly read the article in which we will reveal all the secrets of fast and high-quality cleaning.

1. Coca-Cola for exhaust

Coca-Cola launders fat well.

The kitchen hood suffers every day from a huge amount of fat and odors, because of which its filters become sticky, and the device itself ceases to fulfill its intended purpose. If you do not want to spend the whole day cleaning the hood, do regular cleaning. The best option is once a month. In this case, the device will not have time to accumulate a lot of fat, and you can easily eliminate it.

Carbonated beverages such as Pepsi or Coca-Cola can be used as a cleansing agent. If you read past articles, you already know that they do an excellent job with any contamination, even better than the most popular cleansers. All you need to do is put the filters from the hood into the tank, pour them with Coca-Cola and leave for a few hours (you can overnight). In the morning, you can easily remove the fat and dirt from them by spending 5 minutes on it.

2. Alcohol for glasses

A mixture of water and alcohol will help get rid of the stains on the glasses

It turns out that you can not only drink alcohol from glasses, but also use it to clean them. If you can not get rid of ugly stains on the glasses of their glass and crystal, then use for this purpose wine, brandy, vodka or any other "with degree" beverages that are on hand. Alcohol should be mixed with water in proportions of 1: 1, wet the towel in the resulting mixture, and wipe the glasses. After such an easy and quick procedure, your dishes will shine, and not annoy with annoying divorces.

3. Paper towel in the fridge

A paper towel in the fridge is good at dealing with condensation.

If you started cleaning the kitchen, then go past the fridge will not work. And since it is still a pleasure to wash it, you need to use life hacking. For example, put paper towels under the vegetables and bottles. Such a simple action will help prevent the accumulation of condensate in the refrigerator, which is formed from fresh vegetables or misted containers. In addition to paper towels, a bag of silica gel out of the shoe box is also suitable for these purposes, so do not throw it away when buying new shoes or boots.

Interesting fact: A bag of silica gel can be used to resuscitate a wet phone. All you need is to put the smartphone in a bowl and fill it with silica gel. After a day, you can turn on the phone.

4. Microwave boiling water

Steam will help clean the microwave

If you are tired of spending several hours cleaning the microwave, use the following life hacking: put a plate of water in it and let the liquid leave for 4-5 minutes. Allocated steam will create a real miracle - almost completely clean the oven, dissolving grease and other contaminants. All you have to do is wipe the walls of the microwave with a damp cloth. This method can be applied in the case of a multicooker. As for the oven, the steam will not help there, you have to cope on your own.

5. Flour against fat

Flour can be used to clean the stove.

Sometimes there are such situations that on the table, stove or in the oven in time the traces of fat are not removed, as a result of which it dries. Old stains are almost impossible to clean with a soft sponge, so you have to resort to using metal. If the surface requires delicate handling, then use flour. Sprinkle it with grease marks, wait a few minutes, and then gently roll. So you can get rid of old stains, without forming scratches.

6. Coal, as a means to combat odors

Activated carbon eliminates unpleasant odors

Absorb unpleasant odors, which were formed in the refrigerator, wall cabinet or any other place, can the usual activated charcoal. You just need to put a few pills in the place where the "aroma" comes from and wait. Typically, the "soak" procedure takes from several hours to one day, depending on the persistence of the smell.

7. Mayonnaise for plants

With the help of mayonnaise you can add shine to the leaves of artificial plants.

Nowadays, most people prefer to decorate the apartment with fresh flowers, as they not only purify the air, but also decorate the room and become a bright accent in the design. However, there are those who keep in the house artificial plants, for which there is practically no need to care. If you belong to the second category of people, then our life hack is for you. To give shine to artificial flowers, they need to be wiped from dust, and then smeared with a mixture of water and mayonnaise. This method can be used for any glossy plastic.

8. Applying a second sock

Sock without a pair can be used as a rag

If a pair of your sock is once again lost in the bowels of the apartment, do not rush to throw it away, it will still be useful to you. A tight sock will be an excellent substitute for the rag that came with your mop. All you have to do is put it on the mop and go to the floor to clean it. Believe me, the sock will collect dust no worse than a special cleaning rag.