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18 excellent examples of the design of the kitchen, combined with the living room


Combining a kitchen with a living room is not only a tribute to fashion, but also a rational solution for studios or apartments with a modest living space.

How to properly distribute the space, so that both zones complement each other and do not overload the space - look in this collection.

We look.

1. Industrial style

Open kitchen in industrial style.

Immaculate interior of the kitchen, decorated in industrial style, with a concise and functional set, a simple metal shelving and an original table made of wood and concrete, which separates the kitchen unit from the living room.

2. Contrast combination

Studio apartment in black and white.

Spectacular black and white living room with fireplace, original chair, separated from the small kitchen by a wide bar counter, which also serves as a work surface and a dining table.

3. Cozy space

Small cozy kitchen with a corner sofa.

Wonderful interior of a small cozy kitchen with a minimum set of furniture and a bar that separates the kitchen from a seating area with a corner sofa and a round table.

4. Glamor

Kitchen-living room in the style of glamor.

Spacious white room that accommodates an open-style kitchen with a snow-white U-shaped set and gray wall cabinets, and a stylish living room with a magnificent pink sofa and a luxurious dining table.

5. Simplicity and elegance

Elegant kitchen-living room, decorated in neutral colors.

Narrow kitchen-living room, decorated in bright colors, which help to visually enlarge the space, with a modern and functional suite and well-chosen furniture. It is also worth noting that a variety of lamps play a special role in this apartment, which fill the room with soft light and are full-fledged objects of decor.

Living room and kitchen in the Scandinavian style.

Amazing interior of a bright Scandinavian-style living room with living plants, a leather sofa and an original carpet.

7. Modern design

Kitchen-living room with brickwork.

Magnificent apartment of open type with brickwork on the walls, functional kitchen, built-in appliances and a corner gray sofa, indicating a seating area.

8. Attention to details

Kitchen-living room with bright details.

Delightful kitchen-living room with ergonomic cabinets and work surfaces located in niches, a simple dining table and a comfortable gray sofa. And so that the interior does not look too bland, the owners of the apartment complemented it with bright trifles in the form of multi-colored ceramic tiles adorning some sections of the walls, original clocks, paintings and lamps.

9. Eco-style

Kitchen-living room with elements of eco-style.

The snow-white kitchen-living room, the highlight of which was the original design of the bar counter, which divides the room into two functional areas.

10. A riot of flowers

Spectacular space with blue walls.

Unique space with textured blue walls, narrow open-white kitchen and a living room with a creative colorful sofa and a coffee table.

11. Minimalism

Minimalistic kitchen-living room.

Laconic spacious kitchen with wooden wall cabinets, a light corner set, an original shelving, a sofa by the window and a low lattice partition that separates the kitchen from the living room area.

12. Dynamic interior

Dynamic kitchen combined with living room.

The dynamic interior of the living-dining room, the highlight of which was a full-wall contrast poster that serves to distinguish between two functional areas.

13. Bright accents

Kitchen-living room with an unusual layout and bright details.

Tiny bright kitchen, smoothly flowing into the living room with an unusual wall decoration and an abundance of bright details of neon-yellow color, which make this space unusually cheerful and dynamic.

14. Underwater world

Kitchen-living room, separated by an aquarium.

The excellent interior of a studio-apartment, decorated in a classic style, with an aquarium, which has become a kind of partition separating the kitchen and living room.

15. Modern

Kitchen-living room in modern style.

Unusual bright space with a comfortable corner sofa, soft dark carpet, compact coffee table and unusual design of the open type catering unit.

16. Multifunctional space

Stylish multifunctional space.

A room that combined the kitchen with a muted green suite, a dining area with a round table and a bedroom with a bed on the podium, separated by a glass partition. This interior is a great example of the competent organization of the space of a one-room studio apartment.

17. Green accents

Small kitchen-living room with green accents.

The simple interior of a small kitchen-living room, divided by a low partition, with a glossy corner set of green color, ergonomic dining area, a small gray sofa, competent lighting and charming decor items.

18. Modern elegance

Stylish living room combined with kitchen.

Spacious living room with a huge sofa, a bright carpet, a snow-white round table and a kitchen, decorated along one of the walls.