Useful ideas

A variety of modern tiles, which will change any bathroom


Super modern and spacious, bright and dazzling with a variety of colors, small, but cozy, small, but very bright and contrasting - the bathroom. And what it will be, depends only on your tastes and preferences.

And in order to facilitate the task, the manufacturer offers a huge variety of tiles for every taste and color from the most modest to the most trendy, which even the most fastidious people cannot resist.

1. Light tones and shades

The modern design of the bathroom is tiled.

Bright shades for many years will be popular among many things, so feel free to pay your attention to the tile and tile of white, beige, cream, sand, pastel colors. They are ideally combined not only among themselves, but also with other brighter and more contrasting colors. Moreover, on a light wall it is much easier to make some small accent in the form of a mural, a bright fragment or a geometric pattern.

Fashionable tile under the white brick.

Modern marbled tiles.

Mosaic on the floor and on the walls of the bathroom.

Unusual design in classic black and white.

Black and white contrast.

Light tile with an accent.

All ingenious is simple.

Large light tile on the walls and floor.

2. Games with color

Focus on black walls.

Just do not forget that in addition to the usual gentle and soothing shades of the eye is full of bright and juicy, able to dilute the monotony. Choose colors that perfectly fit both large and small bathrooms. It can be classic black, and red, and blue, and any other palette, designed in completely different colors and shades.

Black mosaic.

Natural stone tile.

Blue glossy tile.

Brick and black tile.

In gray tones.

A riot of colors.

Red tile in bathroom design.

Bright ceramic tiles in the bathroom in the style of ethno in warm colors.

Terracotta ceramic tiles for the bathroom.

Decorative elements Glazuker Catalonia.

Bright colored tiles will create an avant-garde bathroom design.

3. Design options

Tile in combination with wood.

For those who started repairs or decided to update the bathroom, you should use the original ideas offered by modern designers.

Mosaic under the natural stone and tile.

The combination of tiles and tiles of golden tones.

Original bathroom design ideas.

Bathroom with bright ornaments on the wall.

Bathroom in blue tones.

Ceramic tiles in celadon.

Modern bathroom design.