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How to stop throwing out products and learn how to use the freezer not only for meat


Frost - A great way to keep food fresh for long. Many housewives have already appreciated how nice it is to bake a cake with summer berries in winter or to make vegetable stew.

It turns out that you can freeze not only fruits and vegetables, but also other products. A list of what can be safely sent to the freezer is in our review.

The magic of freezing was appreciated by the hostess even in countries where there is no seasons change per se and no need to stock up on fruits and vegetables for the long winter. And all because it can be stored in the cold much more products. Firstly, it is economical: you can always buy more packaging and freeze something that you are not ready to use right away. Secondly, it is convenient, because it saves you from having to run to the store every time as soon as you decide to cook something. Thirdly, it saves your time: you can do cooking, when there is time for it, and after that - just warm up the frozen snack.

So what can be stored in the freezer?

1. Hard cheese

Frozen grated cheese.

Hard cheese can be stored bar or grated. In the first case, cut a piece of cheese into small pieces weighing about 100 grams. Wrap each in foil or parchment, put a note with the name of the variety and an indication of the date of freezing, put it in a plastic bag. The shelf life of the product in this case is six months. To defrost cheese, put it first in the fridge, and after - leave it at room temperature.

The second method involves freezing grated cheese. This can be done using a regular grater or food processor. Simply lay out the cheese in plastic bags with clasps, and voila - at the right moment, take out as much as you need to make a pizza or a hot sandwich.

2. Pancakes

Fritters can be stored in the freezer.

Fresh pancakes for breakfast - a real feat on a weekday. But few people know that delicious pancakes can be stored in the freezer for a long time, just soar a whole bowl on Sunday, put it in the freezer and take it out all week in the morning as needed. To prevent pancakes from sticking during storage, fold them, alternating with sheets of baking paper. Heat up in a microwave or brown in a frying pan before serving.

3. Fruits

Frozen grapes are used as an alternative to ice cubes.

Most fruits tolerate frost well, so in the warmer months, take care to make supplies for the future. For example, frozen grapes can then be served to wine instead of ice. Frozen pears, peaches and melon - ready-made set for smoothies. Just put all the fruit in a blender and whisk. Perfectly amenable to freezing bananas. If you do not have time to eat a bunch of bananas bought, and they begin to turn black, then send them to the freezer until better times, from ripe bananas you get wonderful banana bread.

Frozen bananas.

To prevent the fruit from sticking to each other when freezing, place them on baking paper on the board, and only then pour them into the bag.

4. Kashi

In the freezer, you can store ready porridge.

Cooking rice or buckwheat is a tedious task that takes a lot of time. Now you can safely cook a bigger pot at once and freeze what you don’t eat. The principle of freezing is still the same: lay out rice or buckwheat for a start on a sheet of parchment, then transfer frozen porridge into a plastic container.

5. Bread and cakes

Open pie suitable for freezing.

Housewives often freeze fruit filling for pies, but few know that you can store pieces of a ready dish in the freezer. To defrost a piece of bread or cake, leave it overnight in a closed microwave (not including the oven), this will prevent it from drying out.

6. Flour

Flour is safest to store in the refrigerator.

The optimal place to store flour is in a hermetically sealed container on a shelf in the cabinet. But it can also be stored on a shelf in the refrigerator, if space permits. If the cat wept for free space, put a bag of flour in the fridge for three days, and then keep it in the closet (this minimizes the risk that some living creature will get in the flour with time).