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DIY wall decor ideas


If you want to change something in the design of your rooms, decorating the walls is a good chance to give an interior individuality and show your creative potential. Today, in any store you can find various finishing materials, such as wallpaper, paint, decorative plaster, wall panels and much more. You can also decorate the walls by hand.

Below we will present you a selection of ideas that will help you to be inspired to create your masterpieces.

Horizontal stripes on the walls will visually expand the room and emphasize the overall style.

Before you start painting the walls, arm yourself with chalk or simple pencil, building tape measure and level. Choose two different shades, one of which will be basic. It should be lighter than the other color. If you are going to paint the wall with a strip of the same color, but with a different texture (glossy and matte), you should use matte as the base paint. An alternative to strips can be stencils with which you can create an original composition.

DIY patterns on the wall

You can also use a cloth, napkin, sponge or putty to create unique textures. One has only to turn on the fantasy, and you can create a real masterpiece!

Original ideas for home wall decoration

The use of stencil is considered the most convenient for applying the image. It can be made of plastic, cardboard, plywood or paper. The main thing is to skillfully select the design and style. Before you start drawing the picture, prepare the wall. It should be perfectly clean, free of dust and dirt. Then attach the template as tightly as possible. This is very important, because if the stencil does not adhere sufficiently to the wall, paint may flow under it. At the end, leave the completed template to dry completely and remove the stencil.

Due to its simplicity, the use of decorative blanks has become the most common. Often, for this purpose, purchase wallpaper. Now it is not difficult to find a wallpaper with an already applied ornamental pattern. Recently, wallpaper is in demand. In this case, you will get real pictures, landscapes and create a panorama of your favorite city in the room.

Original wall decor ideas

Triangles are a modern trend in art. Choosing a wall design, use soft pastel colors, limited to a small amount of colors. It is best to use a geometric pattern on one wall. Whole patterns can be created from geometric shapes. Just pick up just two of the brighter and more saturated colors and start painting.

Wall decor in the children's room wallpaper

One of the available ways to make a variety in the interior - wall decor. Quite often, an unusual and original design of the walls is achieved by combining various textures and colors.

For the decor of the children's room, you can use stickers. They can always be removed without damaging the wall covering and replaced with new ones. Children love colorful stickers with characters from fairy tales, cartoons or TV shows. Also graceful butterflies on a wall for a decor will look perfectly.

Decorating the walls is a great way to show creativity, good taste and create a truly unique apartment interior.

Geometric pattern on the wall, made in turquoise, gray and coral colors

The successful combination of orange and purple in the interior

Wall decor in the living room

The harmonious combination of white and blue in the interior of the nursery

Photo: DIY wall decor

Photo: do-it-yourself wall decor ideas

Bright stripes can be used in almost any interior.

Comfortable and harmonious interior with the right combination of colors

Wall decor in the bedroom

Photo: wall decoration stripes

More photos of wall decor ideas

Pictures - a universal type of decor that will fit into any interior

Bright wall decor in the children's room

Exotic flowers on the wall - the original decor of the bedroom

White and coral colors create a romantic atmosphere in the room.

Abstract patterns are suitable for decoration of medium and large rooms.

Wall stencils are a great alternative to traditional wall decor.

Wall decor in the kitchen

DIY painting the walls