Useful ideas

10 household tricks with foil, which greatly facilitate life


Foil is an excellent and versatile material that can be useful in everyday life for solving the most complex tasks.

There is a huge amount of useful recipes.

We have chosen from their diversity the most useful and effective ones that every hostess or landlord will appreciate.

We look.

1. Battery replacement

We push and insert.

If you need to quickly turn AAA batteries into AA, then the foil will help in this matter. With its help, you can "gracefully" increase the length of the battery. Such an improvised system works almost without flaws.

2. Elimination of rust

Rust off.

Foil is a good anti-rust agent. It is enough to take a crumpled piece of material and rub it on the problem surface. It is possible, therefore, to even clean the bumper of the car.

3. Glitter silver

It will be as good as new.

A simple recipe for cleaning silver. We take a container with hot water, add there 3-4 tablespoons of soda and a sheet of foil. We wait a little until the foil softens, after which we lower the silver product into the container.

4. Funnel

Simple and useful.

Home is not a suitable funnel? If there is a foil, then this problem can be elegantly solved with the help of this material. The most important thing is that later it can be turned back and put on the foil to solve another problem.

5. Washing dishes

It will help all to tear off.

Ware covered with a thick layer of fat and sticky, dried food? We crumple a piece of foil and use it for cleaning. Excellent replaces kitchen sink for washing dishes with strong soot.

6. Fabric softener

Throw her in the washing machine.

We crumple a ball the size of a fist from foil and place it in the drum of a washing machine. This trick will remove all static electricity from just washed things. The ball can be reused, if you believe the consultants

7. Sharpening scissors

If you do not mind the foil.

Fold the elevator foil several times and begin to cut it with scissors. Most importantly, to do this in stages in several different directions. After performing this procedure, the scissors will become sharper.

8. "Rollers" for furniture

Will protect the flooring.

In order to move the furniture without harming the flooring, you should wrap all the legs with foil. A great option that replaces expensive tools that do the same.

9. Baking Protection

No more burnt sides.

Tired of burnt cakes with dark edges? The problem is easily solved with the help of foil. Just wrap the baking edges and everything will be fine. However, this does not mean that you can not comply with the terms of cooking dishes.

10. Food storage

Proven way.

Finally, the foil can be used to store food. Just wrap in her favorite dishes. No matter where you go - to work, on a business trip or on vacation.