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10 Tips to Keep Vegetables and Fruits as Fresh as You Can


Moms all over the world are unanimously right: we must eat vegetables. Especially in the gloomy off-season and cold winter. Avitaminosis is not your ARVI, it is not necessary to be sick with it. It is a pity that with the end of September, the prices of vegetables and fruits begin to grow, like yeast.

And it is in our interest to keep the purchased source of vitamins as fresh as possible. And these 10 inventive life hacking will help you not to waste money.

Keep all the fruits and vegetables together in the lower compartment of the refrigerator? So it will not work. Not all sources of vitamins get along well with each other. And some of them are far too picky. Therefore, if a fresh salad is not on your menu today, try these little tricks. They will help keep vegetables and fruits fresh much longer.

1. Put a paper napkin in the bag of salad

A simple napkin will prolong the life of the salad.

It is desirable that the package was a zip-lock clasp. The napkin will absorb the moisture that the leaves emit, which will keep the salad fresh for a long time.

2. Do not divide bananas.

Do not like brown bananas? Then do not separate them.

Unless you are going to eat the whole bunch here and now. On the contrary, wind the cutting with a piece of foil or plastic. Thereby you will save them from over-heating.

3.To keep the potatoes old, put an apple to it

"Rejuvenating yabochki" for potatoes.

The best way to store potatoes is in a paper bag and with one or two apples per company. The trick is that apples produce ethylene, a gas that keeps the roots fresh and hard. Here you have the elixir of eternal youth. Sorry, only for potatoes.

4. But keep apples away from other vegetables and fruits.

Be sure to store the apples in a separate package.

What is good for potatoes is a quick death for the rest. This is about ethylene. The gas released by apples will make other fruits ripen much faster. And, as a result, more likely to deteriorate. Therefore, be sure to isolate the conflicted fruit in a separate package. And everything will be peaceful.

5. Vinegar will keep berries from mold

The "bathroom" of water and vinegar is the secret to the proper storage of berries.

Since the berries are among the most succulent inhabitants of the refrigerator, then their number one enemy is mold. So, before sending the purchase in the fridge, arrange a large wash for it: soak the berries in a solution of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. One minute will be enough. After rinse with water and dry thoroughly. This procedure will kill the spores and bacteria that cause mold.

6. Foil for celery

It turns out that celery lives longer in foil.

Celery lives in a plastic bag for a maximum of a week. But if you replace it with foil, then the storage period will easily be tripled.

7. Spicy Herb Bouquet

Fragrant bouquet for the kitchen.

Everyone loves a good attitude. Even herbs. Dill, parsley and other spices will feel much better if they are treated like a bunch of flowers. Simply put, keep in a glass or a small bottle with cool water. This will keep them fresh, and at the same time decorate the kitchen.

8.And still they can be frozen

Much more delicious than dry seasonings.

Crush parsley or dill, put in ice tins, pour olive oil there and freeze. Now you have excellent fresh spices that will complement any dish.

9. Paper for storing mushrooms ...

The paper will keep the mushrooms fresh.

... much better than plastic, as it absorbs excess moisture. And if the mushrooms are slightly dried, then just put them in a bowl of cool water for a couple of minutes. And they will become juicy again, just like that from the forest.

10. Not all vegetables and fruits should be stored in the refrigerator.

Why take up precious space in the fridge?

For example, tomatoes, onions and potatoes do not need such luxury. They will live much longer in a dark, slightly cool and, most importantly, dry place.