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20 chic examples of how to visually enlarge a small toilet


The toilet is the smallest room in the apartment, and it seems that nothing can be done about it.

But with the right approach and knowledge of some cunning techniques, even the smallest toilet can be visually enlarged.

How to make a bathroom visually more than it really is? We share the secrets in the review!

Let there be color!

First of all, you need to pay attention to the finishing of the room, more precisely, its color. In a tiny room there is no place for heavy dark shades, too bright and neon colors. The classic option is a white finish, but for some it may seem too boring. Therefore, do not be afraid to work with color, dilute white with other pleasant colors. For example, a combination of white with blue, turquoise, light green and ... black will look good in a small bathroom! Yes, although it is the darkest of colors, it is important to use it for flooring. Firstly, it is practical, and secondly, with its help you will make the necessary accent and dilute the snow-white sterility.

Cool examples of bathroom design.

Colored accents in a small toilet.

Blue - a suitable color for the design of a small toilet.

More light

No matter what color is used to decorate the toilet, it will not work to the full without good lighting. And in a small room just can not do without it. Light is the head of everything when it comes to interior design. Having more than one light bulb automatically adds square meters. Light fills the room, makes the interior light, and the atmosphere is pleasant.

A great option for a small room - spot lighting and lighting fixtures. The latter, by the way, is very fashionable and fresh, which will automatically decorate the room and make the interior better.

Lighting in a small toilet.

Small bright bathroom.

Good lighting in a small bathroom.

Mirror tricks

Perhaps there is no such interior that could spoil the mirror. But for some reason it is rarely remembered when it comes to decorating the restroom, and here this element is more than appropriate. For the interior of the toilet fit thin and oblong mirrors without a frame or with a small laconic frame. Such an accessory will positively play on the transformation of space, will create the illusion of continuing the room.

There is one trick that will visually lift high ceilings: you need to install a mirror directly under the ceiling. Of course, in this case it should have non-standard sizes.

Mirror tricks in a small bathroom.

Mirror in a small bathroom.

Dynamics and perspective

A reception that can be used in any small room, including the toilet: to decorate part of the wall or all the walls with photo wallpapers with a perspective image. For example, it may be a view of the ocean or the Cote d'Azur, as well in a small room will look wallpaper with the image of the road, steppe, the bridge, leaving the water.

The next thing that will visually expand the space - horizontal lines. They can decorate wallpaper, decorative tiles, also wooden boards are suitable as an interesting and not banal finish.

The dynamics will be given by any images of geometric shapes. This technique is best to beat on the floor. If the tile is monotonous, lay on the floor a small rug with rhombuses or zigzags. This little trick instantly transforms the space.

Visual expansion of space.

Wooden boards as a wall decor in a small toilet.

Correct accents

When to get the most out of a small room is not so easy, you need to apply one designer trick - to distract attention to something else. There are not so many options. It can be a wall decor or an unusual tile, as an option - a bright rug.

Do not be afraid to experiment! Treat part of the wall with beautiful designer tiles. Many shops give it away with a big discount at the junction of the seasons or when such tiles become scarce in stock. As they say, the remnants are sweet. This way you will shift the focus to the wall and divert attention from the actual size of the room. Just be careful with large drawings and prints. Give preference to geometric patterns and patchwork tiles.

Focus on the wall in the small toilet.

Stylish decor in a small toilet.

Bright beautiful design of a small toilet.

Laconic plumbing

Cunning tricks, but the truth can not escape. If the room is small, you need not only to choose the right finish for it, but also to install a suitable plumbing fixture. Choose concise and compact options. If it is a toilet, then without unnecessary details, in a minimalist style. If the sink is small and preferably angular. Avoid massive plumbing, it will only visually reduce the already tiny space.

Laconic plumbing for a small toilet.

Suitable plumbing for a tiny bathroom.