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Reasonable ideas and tricks on the organization of space with which any thing will find its place


Our daily comfort and order in the house depends on the ability to rationally organize the space. The more reasonable the available space will be, the faster the necessary things and objects will be found, which means there will be no confusion and less time will be needed to clean the accommodation.

For those who decided to organize their living space, we picked up the most practical and simply brilliant ideas that allow you to quickly and inexpensively attach every detail in your home.

This table will help to organize a dining area, even in a very small kitchen.

The following design ideas and tricks without large investments, grand redevelopment, loss of precious time and nerves will help to furnish any available housing in such a way that its capacity will increase significantly. The main thing is to choose the right pieces of furniture.

1. Cabinets

In any room it is better to install a closet to the ceiling.

Corner and radius shafy-coupe very rationally use the corners of the house.

Cabinets of any configuration are the most common and practical place to store various things in any apartment. If you choose the right model, then saving space will be guaranteed. It is important not to forget when buying a much-needed piece of furniture that it is very bulky and takes up a lot of horizontal space. Therefore, it is better to opt for cabinets to the ceiling, because it is inconvenient to store things on it (too much dust), and leaving space empty and not at all rational.

Open shelving can be used for zoning of the room and rational use of the space around the door.

Sliding systems in the kitchen pencil case will significantly save space.

Retractable shelves and holders for things and shoes will greatly facilitate the search.

Of course, it is better to purchase a cabinet with sliding systems. It is possible to arrange a lot of things in it, and there will be more order.

With the help of a smart wardrobe, it is easy to hide even a bed.

The cabinet can turn into a work surface in the kitchen or a desk in the children's room.

This closet perfectly organizes the dining area and bed at the same time.

If finances allow, it is better to get a smart wardrobe, which will help to hide not only an ironing board or a study, but also a huge double bed. Such furniture largely frees up living space in a small apartment or children's room.

2. Shelves

Even the narrowest angle can be used with shelves.

Shelves will help to use the space above the doors.

Shelves can be attached anywhere.

It is most convenient to store things on the shelves, especially if they are small areas, because they are placed on the walls and do not occupy the floor space. With the right layout, you can not only rationally place the necessary things, but also visually increase the space. If you want to save or use difficult vertical areas, it is better to give preference to them.

Shelves can be hidden under the bed or under the bathroom.

Mini-shelves are placed on the doors of the lockers.

The doors of any cabinet will be a convenient place for the location of the most popular items.

Shelves can not only be hung on the walls, but also put on existing furniture or even hidden under the bed. They are easy to attach on the doors of the cabinets, to expand the necessary stuff and not only. The main thing is not to overload them with heavy objects, so as not to damage the furniture.

3. Boxes

Under the sofa or bed in the boxes you can store toys and other things.

With the help of various boxes it is easy to use any free space.

Drawers in retractable systems - an ideal place to store various items and things.

In any apartments there are plenty of places where no furniture can fit, and even the smallest shelf. In this case, the ubiquitous boxes come to the rescue, thanks to which it is easy to use even the most inaccessible corners.

If in boxes to install partitions or cells, then more things will be located.

Partitions can be installed in any available furniture.

And if you correctly approach the placement of small things, you can not only hide them, but also to achieve the perfect order.

If you used all the pieces of furniture to accommodate existing items, but you have not yet hidden everything, then you can consider several interesting options that will open up options for very non-trivial storage spaces.

Rational use of free space under the window sill and around the window.

Bunk furniture walls are an ideal choice for the reasonable organization of storage places.

The space under the stairs should be used to the fullest.

The table-transformer is able to perform many functions.

In beds and sofas it is convenient to store a lot of necessary and not very things.

You can organize a very roomy storage system using the podium.

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