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We organize space in a small kitchen


We organize space in a small kitchen

How to put everything you need in a small kitchen, and properly organize the space? The most common angles will help in solving these difficult tasks.

If you competently use even a small angle, the kitchen will be transformed beyond recognition and become more spacious. What is a kitchen set, where is it appropriate and how to choose it correctly?

Angle headset feature

R (l) -shaped kitchen

One of the most popular for small kitchens is the L-shaped layout (also called L-layout), which makes it possible to compactly distribute furniture between several adjacent walls and solve the storage problem.

An excellent assistant in this kitchen will be a corner stand. Thanks to its spaciousness, you can hide a lot of things in it. But sometimes it takes a lot of effort and time to find everything you need in it. How to solve this issue?

Compact corner kitchen

Space optimization

Ergonomic storage systems

Modern furniture manufacturers know how to make a real candy out of a small kitchen. They find original solutions, and know how to organize kitchen space with the wrong layout. For example, create ergonomic designs designed to be placed in the corner pedestals. Consider the main of them.

Original solutions for a small kitchen

Withdrawable section

Roll-out design

So that the space of the corner lower cabinet is not "wasted for nothing", furniture manufacturers have invented a miracle design, which is also called a "carousel". With its help it is easy to extract all the contents from the shelf, as it can be extended 270 degrees. For convenience, it is recommended to fix such a construction on the door.

Easy to extract content

Sliding construction

Retractable design

When buying furniture, you can give preference to retractable structures. They give the hostess the opportunity, with a flick of the wrist, to open the door and see the entire contents of the cabinet or cabinet. You do not need to bend over and look for the necessary pan or frying pan.

Such designs are made in the most diverse design. They are good to use in curbstones with beveled or with right angles. Retractable baskets are different in that they do not attach to the wall of the door, they need to pull themselves.

No need to bend over and look for the necessary pan or pan

Retractable baskets are different in that they do not attach to the wall of the door, they need to pull themselves

Corner ergonomic drawers

Corner boxes

Another "rescue" of precious space are corner boxes. They are convenient because they allow you to easily reach even the most secluded corner of the headset and find everything you need in it. Usually such boxes are divided into sections, where you can neatly fold your favorite kitchen utensils, and the kitchen will always be in order.

The box is divided into sections, where everything is neatly folded, and it is easily pulled out

Convenient and stylish!

Original designs


There is another wonder-assistant of modern housewives. It consists of several rectangular baskets connected to each other. One part of the construction leaves when the door is opened, and the second half is pulled up behind it. Due to the fact that the baskets are interconnected by turning parts, the mechanism is called the "train". It at times facilitates the process of cooking and cleaning.

Circular gear

It is very convenient when a rotating mechanism is installed inside the corner cabinet. Due to the fact that it turns easily, you can always quickly take this or that kitchen utensils. Convenient and compact!

Spinning mechanism