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How to choose a blanket: types of fillers, characteristics


Today we will look at the key aspect of healthy sleep - a blanket and how to choose a blanket that can truly change your sleep. Bed accessories are a subjective choice of each person. When deciding whether to purchase a product that has a filler made from sheep or camel wool, down, cotton or synthetics, you need to take into account your physiological features, temperature, bed size. Only taking into account these qualities, we will be able to decide which blanket is better to choose in order to ensure a healthy, full and sound sleep.

The combination of two different types and colors of blankets looks beautiful on the bed

Blue quilt

The subject of the initial study should be a label that tells about the manufacturer, the features of cleaning and care, which filler is used and the fabric of the cover for this product.

Tip! The cover should be sewn of natural fabric.

The mark "NOMITE" means that the product has a natural filler. To him must be accompanied by instructions for use.

Choosing a blanket is an important and responsible process. After all, it should provide you with a warm, healthy sleep.

Some manufacturers use the symbol of heat in the form of circles. Their number varies from one to five.

Before you choose a duvet be sure to check the quality of the filler. It must not contain hazardous chemicals, impurities, impregnation of glue or silicone.

Tip! Address to the checked and well proved producer.

If you prefer camel wool fill, pay special attention to the fragrance that comes from the product. An unpleasant smell indicates that wool has undergone incomplete cleaning or processing technology has been violated.

Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the filler before buying a blanket.

Thanks to a huge choice of bed linen, any blanket will look great and fit the interior.

Natural filler has the ability to "breathe" and a high degree of hygroscopicity. These qualities allow you to feel comfortable during sleep, it will not be very cold or hot. But, they are not as practical as synthetic analogues and require special care.

If you are sick with bronchopulmonary diseases, then choose a hypoallergenic blanket made of holofiber, silicone, siliconized fiber, or artificial swan down. In addition, synthetic filler is very easy to use. They are easily washed, even in a washing machine, and quickly dry, they are durable and durable. Modern products have become much warmer and lighter than their predecessors.

Thanks to modern fillers, you can easily wash a blanket in the machine as needed

Wool beige and black blanket is well suited for this bedroom interior

Any blanket tucked into such a duvet cover will look gorgeous

To say exactly which blanket is better to choose, it is impossible. Every consumer wants it to be endowed with different qualities: practicality is important to one, lightness to another, and a third one hopes for the healing effect of the filler.

In order to correctly answer the question of how to choose a blanket, you need to consider in detail the characteristics of the fillers.

Tip! Camel wool filling or cashmere blanket is the best solution if you freeze even in summer. Who is freezing only in the cold season can choose a product from goose down. If you feel hot even when it’s outside minus 30 degrees, then choose synthetic or silk filler. However, the latter has a rather big price.

Wool products have such features:

  • Blankets made of camel or sheep wool have medicinal qualities. These are the most indispensable blankets for people who are prone to frequent colds, suffer from osteochondrosis or rheumatism. The main advantage of any wool blanket is good absorption (up to 30% by weight) of moisture, while to the touch it remains dry. They do not require additional drying and have an exceptional self-cleaning property. But the sheep, camel blanket is not recommended to use for people suffering from allergies, moreover, harmful living organisms can live in it.
  • The camel's hair filler keeps heat very well, so it is very well suited for winter. It has healing properties, and due to the presence of lanolin in its composition, it is especially recommended for diseases of the joints and spine. This filler improves blood circulation and has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. The camel blanket does not electrify and creates excellent conditions for relaxation and sleep.

Camel wool filling

Blanket with a filler from camel wool

Camel wool blanket that can be used without a duvet cover

Tip! Choose a product from combed wool, as the sheared one is coarser and can be pricked.

  • Sheep blanket is characterized by almost the same qualities as a camel, but has a lower cost. A warm and soft sheep blanket will be an ideal solution for people with sleep disorders, and will also help alleviate the pain of radiculitis, arthritis.

Sheep wool blanket

Wool blanket on a white bed

  • The cashmere blanket, in addition to its excellent thermal conductivity, also has excellent resistance to damage: does not roll, does not lose wool. It can be washed in a typewriter. It is suitable for use by people prone to allergic reactions and small children. This ideal product in all respects has only one drawback - this is its high price.

Cashmere blanket

Beige cashmere blanket looks beautiful in this kit

  • A very popular filler is down and feather. These blankets are distinguished by their low weight, they easily restore shape and keep warm well. The best filling of this type of blankets is down swan, loon or white goose. The main disadvantages of such a product is that it needs careful care, since it can accommodate harmful microorganisms that can be a source of allergy.

Filler fluff

Duvet blanked

Red duvet

  • It is necessary to take into account that the camel, sheep, duvet requires additional care, to wash them, in most cases, it is impossible. The main care for them is dry cleaning.

Dark Gray Wool Blanket

Thin wool blanket that can be used as a blanket

The natural blanket warms well, but requires reverent treatment.

Modern products made from sintepon, holofiber and comfort can compete with a wool blanket. Synthetic filler, unlike natural, is hypoallergenic. Dust mites do not live in it.

The blanket made of artificial filler is warm, light, has a low cost, is easy to care for, machine washable. A product made from high-quality polyester (holofiber) is warmer than sinteponovoy, but "breathes" worse than camel or sheep.

Filling synthetic winterizer

Blanket from a synthetic winterizer

Filler holofiber

Filler comfort

Blanket filled with comfort

Interesting options for the buyer will be artificial fluff or silicone blankets. They are well breathable, do not clot, restore shape, have a small weight and keep warm. Will suit buyers with a limited budget.

Blanket Stuffing - Silicone

So, the blanket should be: hypoallergenic, absorb moisture, provide natural ventilation, maintain heat, do not cause allergies and irritation.

Bright blue blanket in a bright bedroom

The modern consumer does not surprise cheap product of poor quality. They prefer reliable and good things. Therefore, blankets made of artificial filler are losing their popularity giving way to wool products that have positive feedback.

White winter duvet is always stylish regardless of fashion

Thin checked wool blanket

Now you know how to choose a blanket that will provide the desired microclimate during sleep. But remember, the impression of even the best blanket of wool or artificial filler can spoil poor-quality bedding. Therefore, when choosing accessories for sleep, make sure that the shortcomings of some become the merits of others.

Good night.