Useful ideas

Excellent design options for hidden spaces in the living room


The living room is the place where various meetings take place, and also this is the place where people relax. Therefore, you should pay attention to the design options for hidden spaces in the living room, in order to organize it as efficiently as possible.

1. Organization of space in the living room

A great option to organize the space in the living room, something that just like it.

2. The combination of the table and chairs

A good option to combine chairs and a table that accurately optimizes the space.

3. Hidden space

The option to create a hidden space specifically for storing items for cleaning the apartment.

4. Corner shelves

The decoration of the room using the original angular shelves that will create a very light and creative atmosphere.

5. Keeping towels on the door

If you create a hinge on the door, then it is possible to place your favorite towels there, which will create greater comfort.

6. Transfiguration of the living room interior

A good option to decorate the interior of the living room, with the help of a regular mirror and the correct placement of furniture.

7. Mini bookshelf

Steep angular shelf for your favorite books that really will please the eye and enjoy it for sure.

8. Niche for storing towels

A great option to put in the living room table, which can easily turn into a bed, which is very convenient for receiving guests.

10. Hallway decoration

A good option to design the hallway in bright colors, which will create an interesting environment.

11. Transformation of room space

Just a great option to divide the rooms with an interesting sliding wall, which will definitely decorate the interior.

12. Successful storeroom

A great option to design a pantry, with the help of proper organization of space in a room of this type.

13. Simple Towel Shelves

A good option for storing towels, which is created thanks to the usual wicker baskets.

14. A good folding table

Just a good option to convert a folding-type table, which would be just a great option.

15. Space saving

A great option to create a lot of shelves in order to place all the most necessary jars in the kitchen.

16. Shelves for storing towels

Decorating a room with a special place to store your favorite towels, which exactly optimizes the space.

17. Original mini wardrobe

Mini-closet is not very standard form, which will be just a cool addition to any room.

18. A place to make plans

A small area specifically for the preservation and creation of plans that exactly like it and create an original atmosphere.

19. Cozy corner

Simply excellent corner for relaxation with a sofa and flowers that refresh the interior.

20. Zoning space

A great option to divide the room or create the effect of the doors, using the usual curtains that will zone the space.

21. Placement of jars on the shelves

The door to the pantry, will also be a great place to store jars, which in turn optimizes the space.

22. Cell for storing the necessary items

A convenient cell that optimizes the space in the room specifically for storing items that are useful in everyday life.

23. Comfortable hangers

A great option to save space in the closet at the expense of such an original hanger, which will accommodate many things.

24. Suspension in the kitchen

Successful placement of jars in the kitchen, something that will create an interesting atmosphere and transform the interior.

25. Optimal shelves in the bathroom

Storing cosmetics in the bathroom in such a plan will save space and use it effectively.

26. Original kitchen solution

Just a great option to use this original solution in order to optimize the space in the kitchen.

27. Beautiful shelf for sink

These are the original shelves can be placed around the sink, which will create just a great atmosphere.

28. A hinged shelf in the bathroom

A convenient shelf in wooden execution which will change an interior of a bathroom.