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How to properly store the products that you often buy prozapas


Pasta, rice, tea, coffee, spices and spices - these products usually end very quickly. If you value your time, it makes sense to buy a few packs of these products at a time. This will save you from having to run to the store in the middle of the evening, finding that there are not enough ingredients for cooking dinner.

At first glance it may seem that to store such a large number of products in one kitchen is not so easy. This is true, but only if you do not know all the secrets of proper storage and ignore the purchase of kitchen appliances that facilitate this task.

We show how to store products that can and should be bought immediately and in large quantities. Some ideas will pleasantly surprise you, because they will help save time and intelligently organize the space in the kitchen.

1. Glass jars

Glass jars are the absolute must-have of any kitchen. It is comfortable, practical and even beautiful. For groceries, this type of storage is ideal. By the way, glass jars will not only be the perfect decor for your kitchen, but also save you time, because you can immediately see what lies where.

2. Containers for spices

Spice jars are cool. First, they create a single unique style of your kitchen. Secondly, they stand out vividly, because most of the spices have an interesting texture and appetizing colors. And finally, this method of storage will help avoid a huge number of bags in different lockers.

3. Hangers

In the pantry, you can store food in many different ways. These can be containers, jars or even hangers. The picture shows how the products in the packages can be easily placed in the closet, while taking up a minimum of space.

4. Drawer

If your kitchen set is equipped with such a drawer, then consider yourself lucky. Not enough connectors? Build them yourself. In such boxes it is best to store spices, oils and other compact products. Just line them up in several rows and enjoy the order.

5. Plastic containers

Plastic containers will help to correctly place the products in the pantry or in the kitchen cupboard. Collect the "designer" of the products that you bought in reserve. Spread them out so that they fit tightly in containers. This method will help save space in the closet.

6. Plastic "windows"

If you see that there is free space on the wall of your cabinet, then why not take advantage of it? Buy plastic windows at the hardware store and attach them. In these "windows" you can store bags of spices, powdered sugar or instant coffee.

7. Shelves for wine

So that the bottle of your favorite red dry was always at hand, you can make a home mini-bar like this. Such wooden shelves help to store several bottles of the noble drink at the same time. It is also a cool décor element that can be used as a shelf. Looks pretty stylish, right?

8. Pallets for vegetables

From ordinary wooden pallets you can create such a cool design for storing vegetables. For example, potatoes, beets and other root crops. It does not take up much space and is quite convenient! Making such a design is not at all difficult.

9. Metal mesh

In such a cool and convenient grid you can store not only fruit, but also packaging with a variety of products. The grid can be easily placed in the kitchen. Country-style interiors or loft-style kitchens are particularly successful for this design. It is so simple and capaciously possible to place various products in one place.

10. Wooden shelves

Space for wooden shelves there is absolutely any kitchen. Choose them according to the color and interior of your room. To attach such shelves is not difficult, and the problem with storing products and all kinds of containers will be great to solve.