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A house without errors: 28 GOLD tips



According to the standard, the height of the kitchen base is 85 cm. Customers of the furniture often forget to make a “height adjustment”. As a result, having received a set of lockers and working surfaces of standard height, we are forced to either slouch or drag with all our strength upwards. If you, having big growth, bought ready-made furniture, you can put the lower cabinets on the legs and decorate them with a strip. For a country-style kitchen, the role of coasters can be performed by ordinary facing bricks with a beautiful finish. If the furniture is too high for you, you can file it.


A common mistake is to refuse washing with a wing or from the second bowl: to save space. In the kitchen, where they cook for a large family, one cannot do without a volume multifunctional sink. On the wing - a kind of continuation of the tabletop - you can put hot dishes or put washed vegetables and fruits. The second bowl will allow you to wash at the same time large pots and fruit.


Do not rush to hang in the kitchen shelves. Organize drawers: it will save space and organize work. The space in the box is easy to divide into sections and place any containers in them. Access to them will be convenient. Just pull out the box - and everything is in full view. Internal partitions can be ordered separately or use ordinary plastic containers.


Grooves instead of handles on the doors look unusual and aesthetically pleasing and fully correspond to the modern look of the kitchen. But you can ... hate this seeming simplicity by trying to open the door with wet hands or without removing the handle. The exit is a click-click system that allows you to open the doors even with your elbow. This system will satisfy even the most picky owners of kitchen furniture and will minimize the space of any kitchen.


Steel fronts of furniture, tile and refrigerator are fashionable and elegant and are especially popular with young couples. However, even clean palms leave traces on such a surface. And it makes an eager hostess to regularly wipe and flush shiny items. There are two solutions to the problem: purchase stainless steel polishes, which not only remove contamination from such surfaces, but also prevent, or steel equipment of leading manufacturers, treated with a special protective coating.

7. Which REFRIGERATOR is convenient?

Appliance stores offer a huge selection of refrigerators. Economical power consumption, a beautiful front, a convenient freezer and a suitable price are important purchase conditions. But imagine: the layout will require moving the refrigerator - you need to change the hinges so that the door opens in the other direction, and it turns out that this is impossible. So think about it still in the store. The complete set of the refrigerator should correspond to the composition of the family and its lifestyle. The exterior design is important, but the interior is also important.


The lack of partitions between the living room, hallway and kitchen makes the room bright and spacious, but less comfortable. If there is a TV in the guest area, meatballs are roasting in the kitchen, and children are playing nearby, then noise interferes with absolutely everyone. Yes, and sounds from the staircase will be heard throughout the apartment, and not just in the hallway.

Install doors with high sound insulation, and also re-block the room. The last reception is possible, even if you do not want to lose the desired space. Use movable or translucent screens or partitions. Install partial walls or open shelves on both sides. Also help sliding or folding doors in the entire width of the room.


How many outlets do you need in a room? Do you think two or three is enough? Well, this is a common misconception. Experience shows that even in a small room, sockets on each wall are necessary. Just be sure to check with their professional electrician their number, type (with or without grounding) and location, explaining how many appliances will be simultaneously turned on. According to European standards, the height of sockets from the floor should be 30 cm.

10. PRACTICAL APPAREL for windows

The windows in the bedroom or living room are nice in the frame of long curtains, which lie picturesquely on the floor. But are you ready to regularly vacuum not only floors, carpets, but also curtains? A beautiful "train" will add to the work hostess, especially if there are four-legged friends in the house. If you do not want to abandon this beauty, then choose a fabric with dirt-repellent and anti-static impregnation. This does not save you from cleaning forever, but will allow it to be held less often.


Many people know the problem of cleaning the dust on open bookshelves. It is particularly acute in homes where people who are prone to allergies live. The only acceptable solution is to order or purchase furniture with glazed fronts. Small ventilation openings in the side walls will help to avoid in the closed shelves of mustiness and excessive humidity. This technique will provide books a favorable microclimate and save you from problems with dust. As a rule, self-respecting manufacturers produce furniture with holes already prepared.


A large aquarium full of corals and exotic fish decorates the apartment. It looks especially impressive when it is open from two sides. However, placing it in direct sunlight is erroneous, especially if they come from windows facing south, because in this case the aquarium will begin to overgrow with algae and lose its attractiveness. Place for a personal “water world” a place where only diffused sunlight falls, and, if necessary, use artificial light with adjustable intensity. By the way, it will serve as additional decorative lighting for the room.

13. HIGH

In two-level apartments and private houses, the owners often face the problem of installing stairs. When choosing, it is not enough to pay attention to the design and cost, the design is much more important. Even small deviations in the calculations of the height and width of the steps or their frequency may be critical for children and the elderly. Therefore, the staircase is not a detail of the situation on which to save. And you need to order it in a company with a good reputation. Take the time and effort to choose a convenient and safe design. Experts will also help you to make the right decision.


Light or white walls in the room cause a feeling of coolness and visually increase the space. On the other hand, they can remind you of a hospital and “overcool” the interior during the winter when it is not needed at all. If you need to visually expand the room, but at the same time create a feeling of warmth and comfort, then leave the three walls light and paint one in a rich color. The room will sparkle with new colors, will be cozy and will not lose the feeling of spaciousness. This technique will also allow you to expand the color range of furniture or create a harmonious environment for existing chairs and sofas.


Many readers admit to their passion for contrasting colors and bold combinations. One of them - light walls and black furniture. The elegance and severity of the black-and-white combination has been and remains out of competition. But to maintain cleanliness in such an apartment is unimaginably difficult, because dust is clearly visible on a dark background. To avoid problems with cleaning, use only special wipes with antistatic effect or (in extreme cases) wipe the furniture with a cloth moistened with any antistatic agent. It also makes sense to buy a vacuum cleaner with dual air filtration.


A bath installed deep in the floor does not require additional elements and does not optically reduce the room, but it is not very convenient to enter it. Yes, and wash the far surface is not easy. The optimal solution is to open up one side and make an imitation of the steps and the podium. To the steps were not slippery, they can be finished with wooden panels to match the podium.


If you have a rather big family and the area of ​​the bathroom allows you to put two washbasins in the room at once, then do it. The distance between them should be at least 30 cm. Then you will avoid the morning bursts to a single washbasin.

And if the bathroom is small, then maybe you should abandon the bulky bath in favor of the shower? Morning procedures in the increased space will become more pleasant.


Instead of a traditional shower cabin, you can lay the floor tiles, “tilting” it towards the drain at an angle of at least 5 °, isolate the selected area with stylish transparent doors and install the shower set. The best for decoration is mosaic tile: it is easier to make a slope. The most practical option is a special tile for swimming pools. Ordinary ceramic tiles are fragile and have a porous structure in which microorganisms appear, and tiles for swimming pools - porcelain and glazed ceramic - have a high density, sufficient elasticity and practically do not absorb water.


They may look the same as other doors in the apartment. But downstairs they must have air vents. Otherwise, moisture will begin to accumulate in the bathroom, and condensation will accumulate on the walls, and the door will need to be opened slightly. You can make such vents yourself. Or you can buy ready-made plastic grids and ask the specialist to do everything. Still, the ideal option - to buy a door with a hole already prepared.


If you are planning to repair the bathroom, then consider where to move the washing machine to this time. Having defined, assign a specialist to connect it to the water supply and sewage. This will save you from unaesthetic tubes that will stretch along the walls. And do not forget about grounding!


Smooth, shiny tiles in the bathroom often cause falls and injuries. It is advisable to replace it with corrugated tiles, designed specifically for the bathroom. If this is not possible, put a wooden, rubber or textile mat on the floor. The color and shape of this accessory can be changed quite often. In addition, your feet will not come into contact with the cold floor.


If the walls in a small bathroom are lined with monochromatic tiles and this does not make the room attractive, and repairs for you are long and troublesome, then apply a special paint for glazes on some tiles! It is best to emphasize contrasting or more saturated color horizontal elements: this will visually expand the room. Or make a light mess in a monochromatic surface by painting a few tiles in bright colors.


Before setting up the bathroom, think about the shelves. It is best to make stationary shelves-protrusions and cover them with tiles of the same collection, which includes the tile, planned for the design of this entire room. If the shelves you have not provided for, then their role will be assumed by light metal shelves of various shapes with glass elements. Especially effectively they will look in combination with mirrors and additional illumination.


Solid and beautiful entrance doors - a necessary element of any apartment. They provide heat, sound insulation and, of course, safety. Choosing a door, be sure to pay attention to the peephole. It should be comfortable in height and provide you with a wide view. If you purchased a door without a peephole, then install it: it will help you feel comfortable.


Very often, the remains of building materials economical owners use for small jobs. For example, tiled floor balcony. And this is the wrong decision. Floor tiles are for interior use only. On the balcony should use tiles for outdoor work, resistant to temperature changes.


The entrance hall with carpet, carpet or parquet looks very presentable. But such coatings are difficult to keep clean, especially when the degree of their pollution directly depends on the weather outside. If you do not want to spend money on cleaning products, then lay the floor tiles and complement the decor with a small neat rug.