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What kind of mop to choose for washing windows?


Mop for windows is a very convenient thing. It allows you to clean windows quickly, efficiently and safely.

In order to clean the windows, you can choose one of two types of mops - steam or telescopic. They have a different principle of action, but both do an excellent job with their main function.

Steam Mop is a device with a long handle. It has a reservoir where water is poured in, a steam generator and a soft working nozzle. The principle of this mop - cleaning windows with hot steam. The jet pressure as well as the temperature can be adjusted. The minus of this model is a stationary handle; it cannot be adjusted. Plus - due to the high temperature at which the windows are cleaned, they not only become crystal clear, but also disinfected.

The procedure for using a steam mop:

  1. Fill the tank with water.
  2. Connect the device to the network.
  3. Wait for the boiling water to begin. It will take about one minute.
  4. After the water boils, steam begins to escape through the holes located on the working surface. You can start washing windows.

If you purchase additional attachments to the steam mop, it can be used to clean carpets, upholstered furniture, and even plumbing.

Telescopic mop can not sanitize the surface, but it has one significant advantage over the steam - its handle is equipped with a special lock, through which you can change the angle of inclination, as well as adjust the length. This is exactly what makes it possible to clean the windows both inside and outside. In the telescopic mop handle length can reach two meters. Included are two nozzles. The first is designed for wet cleaning and is a work surface coated with microfiber. The second one is a scraper with a rubber blade. It allows you to drain the window without leaving streaks on the surface.

The procedure for using a telescopic mop:

  1. Before cleaning, adjust the squeegee handle - select the desired slope and length that will be convenient for you.
  2. Prepare the solution with detergent in a container where it is convenient to dip the mop.
  3. Moisten the mop's work surface with the detergent solution and start cleaning.
  4. After all the dirt from the window is washed off, remove the microfiber nozzle and install the rubber scraper.
  5. Swiping down the entire surface of the window, remove the remaining moisture.
  6. When cleaning is completed, the nozzles must be washed and dried away from batteries, since microfiber does not tolerate high temperatures.

Telescopic mop is very convenient to wash high panoramic windows, as well as glazed balconies and loggias.

Before you go shopping, you need to evaluate your windows, if the option you are looking for is suitable for them. If they are tall, with deaf frames, or they have any hard-to-reach places, you should opt for a telescopic mop. A steam mop can help in washing windows, if dust is constantly accumulated on them (for example, when the windows are facing the road), it will effectively remove not only fresh but also old contaminants.

Do not be lazy to look on the Internet reviews about the selected model. And in the store before buying carefully inspect the mop. When choosing a telescopic option, pay special attention to the working surfaces (the scraper should be elastic and even, but not too hard) and whether it is easy to change the position of the handle.

Some models of mops for washing windows have already gained sufficient popularity in the market of household goods.

  1. Telescopic mop Leifheit 51120 German production (costs about three and a half thousand rubles). The length of the handle is from 110 to 190 cm. The width of the working surface is 33 cm. With this mop you can wash the windows and frames at the same time. The nozzle for damp cleaning is erased in the machine.

  2. The Austrian-made Hausmann telescopic mop will cost about one and a half thousand rubles. Aluminum handle, length varies from 75 to 140 cm. The scraper is rubber, is installed with the help of a snap lock.

  3. The Swedish-made telescopic mop costs about two and a half thousand rubles. The handle is made of plastic, its length varies from 60 to 130 cm. The nozzle for wet cleaning is fixed with a velcro. The size of the working surface - 27 * 6 cm.

  4. Steam mop Steam Mop X6 (made in China) costs a little more than three thousand rubles. She has 4 degrees of steam supply. In addition to the nozzles for windows, the kit includes nozzles for upholstering upholstered furniture, floors, ironing, etc. The capacity of the container where water is poured is 0.4 liters, the length of the cord is 6 meters, and the weight of the entire mop is 2.2 kg.

  5. Another Mop X5 steam mop is also made in China. Its cost is higher - about four thousand rubles. 0.4 liter tank, handle length - 125 cm. Equipped with 4 modes of steam supply, there are several nozzles for different types of cleaning. Mop weight - 3.4 kg.

Whatever type of cleaning you do, the most important thing is to use handy tools. Properly chosen mop greatly facilitate your housework.