Useful ideas

12 housekeeping techniques for those who are a little obsessed with cleanliness


An average person spends a week on cleaning and minor repairs from 7 to 9 hours. However, some luck less, and they, despite all their efforts and time spent, can not achieve the perfect result.

Housekeeping still seems insufficiently organized, and cleanliness - careless. It's all about using the wrong cleaning methods. To halve the time to bring the house in order, you need to take note of a few useful tips. They will make any ordinary person a superstar for the fastest and most effective house cleaning.

1. Clean toilet shine

A couple of minutes - and it's in the bag.

Carefully clean the toilet from the yellow bloom will help ordinary vinegar. It is necessary to wet them with a few paper towels or napkins and attach them to the surface in particularly polluted places. After a few minutes, the napkins can be removed and the toilet flushed with plain water. Depending on the severity of pollution, a compress from vinegar should be kept for 2 to 15 minutes.

2. Order in the closet

An elegant and simple solution for sliding shelves.

Maintaining order in clothes is not so difficult. So that things that are stored in the drawers are not wrinkled and not tangled with time, they need to be laid vertically, and not over each other. This is the only way to quickly find the right clothes and not create a mess. You need to train yourself to immediately put all things in the correct order every day, and not to pile up a whole bunch on a chair or a sofa.

3. How to make an impossible task easy?

Creative solution of a difficult task.

Jalousie! Only one this word during cleaning brings sadness, doom and incredible boredom. One has only to think how long it will take to wipe each strip, and I want to immediately run away to at least another room. To facilitate this difficult task, you need an old or unnecessary sock. We put it on the arm and wipe the blinds with it. Without a rag it will go much faster.

Aluminum foil comes to the rescue again.

Instead of rubbing the pan with a sponge and cleaning agent for a long time, it is better to use a modern creative tool. From aluminum foil for baking, you need to make a small tight ball. Add a small amount of dishware and three of the surface of the pan. It will shine again in just a couple of minutes and without much effort.

5. Regular shelves

The most common cleaning tools should always be on hand.

The first rule of efficiency is the convenient location of all cleaning products. Often used items should be at hand. It will take much less time for cleaning if you don’t have to search for the necessary mirror cloth or a tool for processing the seams between the tiles for half an hour. Comfortable open shelves on the inside of the furniture, or their more economical options in the form of hinged pockets, will help make cleaning tools more accessible.

6. Miraculous Shaving Foam

Efficient, inexpensive stainless steel cleaner.

No need to spend money on an expensive tool for cleaning stainless steel surfaces. Practically in any house there is a male shaving foam, which will cope with divorces, greasy stains and fingerprints just with a bang. For the product to work, you just need to apply it to the surface, wait a bit, and then wipe it off with a sponge or dry cloth. In addition, shaving foam copes with most types of stains on carpets. Perhaps now it is worth buying a couple of extra bottles of this hygiene product?

7. Upgrade old tap

The crane will shine clean in just 10 minutes.

On taps in the bathroom or in the kitchen often remain stains, dried drops or water scurf. To return them a radiant and beautiful look, you can use toothpaste. With its help, it is possible to quickly and easily polish all chrome surfaces.

8. No more wool in the house.

Fighting clutter from pets.

How not to clean, and on the carpet, soft upholstery of chairs, sofas and other furniture is always pet hair. It is very problematic to remove them with a usual damp cloth - slowly and still a part of the villi remains on the surface. Rubber gloves will help in this - they gather wool quickly and effortlessly.

9. Fantastic scratch proof

Scratches on furniture magically disappear thanks to a nut.

Scratches on a wooden surface can be removed with a walnut. Peeled nuts need to rub the damaged areas, then the scratches will be almost imperceptible.

10. Still have brass in the house?

Who knows how to quickly clean the brass?

Tables, candlesticks, lamps or brass figurines still adorn some houses. Over time, this metal ugly darkens and loses its attractive appearance. To avoid this, when cleaning you need to use ketchup. With the help of a sponge, we rub it in a circular motion into a brass object, and then erase it with water.

11. Hard to reach places on the windows

Everything will be clean!

The quality of the seams in the plastic windows is practically impossible to clean. And dust and dirt regularly clog there, which after a while becomes noticeable. Very ugly! To solve the problem, you can take baking soda and add a few drops of vinegar to it. This mixture needs to fill all hard-to-reach places on the windows and leave for 5-10 minutes. After that, rub with an old toothbrush and rinse with water. Finally, dry all seams with a dry cloth.

12. Brilliant technique

Alcohol - a useful thing in any home.

If you are tired of wiping the equipment from dust, use alcohol. Moisten a soft cloth with it and clean all surfaces - an excellent result will not take long.