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A paradise at home: 18 chic ideas how to transform a glazed balcony


A home office, a place for tea drinking, a library, and even a bedroom - the closed balcony has much more functions than it might seem at first glance. Just a couple of strokes and an ordinary place for storing unnecessary things will turn into the most heavenly spot on Earth.

Out of habit, many use the balcony as a place to "link" some infrequently used things, which are a pity to throw out immediately. Some hang out washing here, and someone visits a small room for smoke breaks. In any case, it is possible to change the space of a small room for the better, add functionality to it and fall in love with it once and for all. We looked at some of the most practical and interesting ideas.

For effective work

Home office on the glassed-in balcony.

Freelance is a fairly common type of activity today, when an employee does not visit the office, but works without leaving home. Organizing a room in an apartment is not so easy. It is necessary to find a place where there is enough daylight and nothing distracts from the workflow. Ideal for these options fits a closed balcony or loggia.

Workplace freelancer.

In furniture stores it is now easy to find a compact desk or computer kit with shelves and drawers for storing documents. This piece of furniture fits perfectly in the depths of the balcony. As for the color of the office, then it is better to give preference to light shades. They are neutral, do not interfere with work and do not affect the human psyche.

Stylish home office.

Dinner is served!

Dining area on the balcony.

Rarely in a small size there is a place for a full-fledged dining area. Most often, it is arranged in the kitchen, where it is already crowded. In this case, you can also look at the closed balcony. It only remains to place here a couch or a compact table with several chairs (stools).

Over a cup of coffee ...

A cozy place for tea.

It is pleasant to have a cup of hot tea or coffee on the balcony in the morning, admiring the dawn or leafing through your favorite newspaper (magazine). In order to fully enjoy the process, the balcony must be supplemented with several pieces of furniture - a comfortable armchair, ottoman or stool, as well as a small coffee table. To create a cozy atmosphere, a vase with fresh flowers, decorative pillows, a small warm rug under your feet, a blanket will be useful.

An example of a glassed balcony

Cozy corner.

Beautiful balcony.

Green corner

Balcony, which is cozy all year round.

From the closed balcony you get a great greenhouse. This option is suitable for those who love nature and can not live without greenery. Potted flowers will please the eye all year round and will not allow the blues even in the coldest and most uncomfortable evenings.

Orangery on the balcony.

Summer at any time of the year.

Bookworm Shelter

An ideal place to read a book.

Fashion read paper books is gaining new momentum. Young people are increasingly interested in non-electronic literature. Reading is fashionable and very contagious. Having bought one book, it is already impossible to stop. And you can keep your book wealth on the balcony, in the same place and spend time with your favorite literature. To do this, you need to install a bookcase, put a comfortable chair or a mini-sofa and do not forget about the additional lighting.

Home library on the balcony.

Odnushki in dvushku

Bedroom on the balcony.

When the closed balcony is well insulated, it can act as an additional full-fledged room, for example, a bedroom. This will solve the issue of expanding living space in close odnushke. Many Russian designers love this technique and often use it in their work.

Compact bed on the balcony.

Place to relax

Stylish design of a closed balcony.

Sometimes, after a hard working day, you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, relieve tension and just relax. If you arrange the balcony or loggia properly, then it is not difficult to turn it into that very place for relaxation and pleasant pastime. To do this, you need comfortable upholstered furniture, pillows, subdued lighting, decorative candles for the atmosphere. The colors used in the design of the balcony should not be emotionally crushed, cause aggression or over-invigorate. These active shades include yellow, bright pink, red, orange.

A place to rest and relax.

Not a balcony, but a dream!