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18 inspirational interiors that all small kitchen owners should look at


Kitchen is the most important place in every home.

It is not so easy to make this corner of the apartment really comfortable, especially if the kitchen does not have a large area. However, the lack of square meters is not a sentence yet!

If you know how best to organize and distribute everything in such a room, even a small kitchen can please its owners.

1. Blue sky

Narrow kitchen in white and blue tones.

The stylish and fresh interior of a small narrow kitchen, predominantly decorated in white, which adds light to the space, with an abundance of wooden parts and an amazing blue arched ceiling that brought life and dynamics to the room.

2. Home comfort

Cozy kitchen with floral wallpaper.

The bright kitchen, the interior of which surprisingly managed to mix three completely different textures: classic ceramic tiles, floral wallpaper and stone masonry.

3. Bold design

Bright kitchen combined with a balcony.

A stunning example of a small bright kitchen, combined with a balcony, which has become an ideal place to decorate the dining area with a narrow bar and high chairs.

4. Gray and yellow

A tiny kitchen in shades of gray and yellow.

A wonderful interior of a small kitchen with a yellow accent wall, a modest dining table, a trendy gray suite and an abundance of built-in appliances that make the space modern and functional.

5. Infinity

A small kitchen, decorated in white.

A small kitchen, decorated in a total white color, which, as if, erases the boundaries, creating the illusion of infinite space.

6. Dining area

Cozy dining area in the interior of a small kitchen.

A charming kitchen with a built-in dining area, decorated with wood and equipped with several shelves, and a sliding worktop that serves as a dining table.

7. Contrasts

Contrasting black and white kitchen.

A small stylish kitchen with modern white cabinets with absolutely smooth facades and a large dining area in black tones, which became the highlight of this space.

8. Bistro

Snow-white bistro style kitchen.

Bright kitchen with white walls, modern cabinets and a charming dining area in the style of bistro, which became the highlight of this space.

9. Bright design

Bright kitchen in yellow and black shades.

A wonderful example of kitchen arrangement in Khrushchev with a modern and functional set in yellow and black colors with an apron decorated with dark ceramic tiles.

10. Calm elegance

Laconic design of a small kitchen.

The stylish and laconic design of a small kitchen with a corner set, built-in appliances and an elegant round table with a beautiful table top made of light wood.

11. Sophisticated design

Tiny L-shaped kitchen in bright colors.

A tiny space with a compact and functional kitchen, and a wide window sill that performs the functions of a work surface and a dining table.

12. Modesty and charm

Modest kitchen with classic lockers and a folding table.

The charming interior of a tiny kitchen of 4 square meters, with a classic L-shaped suite and a dining area with a compact folding table attached to the wall.

13. Traditional style

Small kitchen in traditional style.

A cozy kitchen with blue walls, classic cabinets, a corner shelf and a compact dining table is a great idea for people who value comfort and homeliness the most.

14. Exquisite style

Elegant kitchen with original cabinets and plenty of bright details.

A small modern kitchen with light-colored walls, a functional L-shaped suite, cabinets, decorated with beautiful patterns, a simple white table and an abundance of bright details of a cheerful orange color.

15. Bright details

Bright kitchen design in loft style.

Wonderful design of a small kitchen in a studio apartment with a colorful apron, bar counter, bright lockers and an abundance of open shelves.

16. Stylish honeycombs

Small kitchen with original apron decoration.

The stylish interior of a small bright kitchen with modern white furniture and original apron decoration with hexagonal ceramic tiles, which has become a key detail of this space.

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17. Style and simplicity

Simple and original interior of a small kitchen.

Stylish kitchen interior, where in a small area it was possible to place a functional set with an abundance of cabinets and drawers, open shelves for dishes and a small table with an armchair for dining and rest.

18. Neutral beige

Tiny kitchen in beige tones.

A tiny kitchen in beige colors, which is an excellent example of how to create a functional and comfortable space with the help of careful planning and modern furniture.

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