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13 things in the house that need to say bye bye right now


13 things in the house that need to say bye bye right now

Without knowing it, we annually “overgrow” with some unnecessary things.

The mountains of checks, unnecessary packages, worn clothes negatively affect the overall atmosphere in the home.

These 13 things just need to say bye-bye right now.

1. Last year's calendar

Calendar for the past year.

Many people who use wall calendars forget to remove or change them in time to a new one. So in many offices and apartments in May 2019, calendars for the 2018th still hang, and it happens that in 2007. This is stupid and besides it is very confusing. Therefore, make it a rule to remove the old calendar a few days before the end of the year and immediately send it to the trash can. Together with him, it’s worth it to identify all the little calendars you carry with you in your wallet, bag or notebook.

2. Checks from stores

Checks and receipts.

We all go to the shops, receive parcels at the post office, use the services of banks, and at the same time drown small paper checks in the mountains. Right now look in your handbag, for sure, there are a couple of checks from a nearby supermarket. This paper is a straight road to the garbage. In our opinion, the individual who keep home accounting deserves special attention. They usually have hundreds of checks that occupy an entire cabinet. Well, the order in finance is good, but one should not forget about the order in the house. The most important receipts can be photographed on the phone.

3. Old bedding

Bed linen and towels.

The Soviet-era shortage left a deep mark on the psyche of the older generation of citizens of our country, and those in turn diligently instilled a love for gathering their children and grandchildren. It is not surprising that many 30-40-year-olds have a separate shelf, or perhaps a whole wardrobe, where worn bed linen or its fragments, represented by one pillowcase, bed sheet or duvet, and heaps of faded towels that you don’t want to use, are stored. but throw a pity. No need to store this junk. You do not need these things, but they will be happy to receive any animal shelter in your city.

Instructions for electrical appliances and drugs.

Admit to yourself, how often do you look in the manual to your refrigerator, laptop or phone? Most likely, having familiarized with the basic functions, never. And this means that storing these volumes with a bunch of unnecessary information, which is also available on the Internet, is simply useless. Get rid of them, as soon as the warranty ends on a particular product. The same goes for medicines.

5. Shoes

Old shoes.

With shoes in our apartments is about the same situation as with bedding. We constantly stop our impulses to throw out old worn-out shoes, and what if they come in handy? But, if they have been idle for a year, most likely they will not be useful. So throw out without any regrets all worn out sandals, worn out sneakers, shoes with knocked down socks and everything else left in case of emergency.

6. Socks without pairs

Single socks

Do your socks disappear too? Do not worry, this situation is familiar to many. Surely, you gently fold them in the corner of the locker in the hope that once there will be their "second half". However, do not wait too long. If you haven’t been able to find the lost pair in two weeks, send the lost sock for scrap or use it as a cloth for dust.

7. Materials for needlework

Unnecessary materials for creativity.

Many women get inspiration from time to time, and they decide to do something creative. This usually happens in moments of lingering idleness. However, over time, household chores pushed the fascinating hobby into the background and now your box with rags, threads, glue, beads or something else, gathering dust safely in the far corner of the cabinet. So you know, you can safely give it to someone who really needs it. Because if you really wanted to do needlework, you would have found time for it.

8. Food Containers

Plastic food containers.

Some people sincerely believe that plastic food containers are everlasting. But this is far from the case. Plastic absorbs the smell of food, covered with bloom and comes into disrepair. It is highly undesirable to use such containers, which means you have to say goodbye to them. The same applies to disposable plastic packaging from products and berries, cups of sour cream and the like. For some personalities, such cabinets are made with whole cabinets. Do not turn into Plyushkin and remember that these packages are disposable, which means you need to use them once and throw them away.

9. Unused items

Treasure from the pantry.

Storage rooms, mezzanines, and balconies of many residents of the post-Soviet space are still places for storing "the most valuable things." Broken stools, landline phone with a reason, a bunch of glass bottles, children's toys, broken vacuum cleaners, etc., frank junk goes there. All these things are sent there for a while, but more often they remain there forever. Remember, if you were able to live a year without this or that thing, you just don't need it anymore. So all the "treasures" can be put in a landfill, even without going over.

10. Underwear

Old underwear.

Take a look at your underwear locker right now. If it looks like a bomb exploded there, then it is time to revise and clean it. All that you are not the size of the trash is sent in the first place. Further, we destroy everything torn, stretched, with spots and defects. Remember, your underwear is your self esteem. No self-respecting person will not walk in torn or dirty shorts.

11. Old chargers

Chargers and accessories.

Various gadgets have long been an integral part of our lives. However, it happens that the device itself is no longer there, but the box from it, the charger, the case, the adapter, or something else from the accessories, is still gathering dust on your shelves. All this needs to be carefully collected in a bag and sent to a landfill or presented to someone who may find it useful.

12. Newspapers and magazines

Old newspapers and magazines.

In Europe, newspapers and magazines are treated as one-time reading material. I read it and immediately threw it away. At the same time, we all tremblingly preserve it. However, if collecting newspapers is not included in the list of your official duties or you do not plan to get rich by donating waste paper, right now take all the magazines to the garbage.

13. Accessories

Jewelery and accessories.

Unfortunately, the age of most accessories is very short. Most often, they are not of good quality and quickly lose their appearance. In addition, fashion is transient and jewelry, which were worn last season, in the new can become a move. This is the beauty of jewelry: buy it for a little money, wear a couple of months, and then throw it away. So, if you haven’t touched the jewelry box for a long time, now is the time. Ruthlessly get rid of everything that has darkened, changed color or broken, as well as things that are hopelessly outdated.

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