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Folding bed, built-in closet: options for a radical transformation of a small apartment


Folding bed, built-in closet: options for a radical transformation of a small apartment

Furniture sellers have always sought to outdo each other, offering consumers the latest developments in the field of furniture production.

The most popular are the so-called transformers - the changing elements of furniture, for example, lifting wardrobes beds.

Bed in assembled condition. Spacious, neat, concise

Simple transformation into a full bed

Chest-bed-transformer: what is it?

Such a bed is an excellent choice for a small-sized dwelling, because at night it is a full-fledged sleeping place, and in the afternoon - a compact wardrobe. We determine how practical this option is.

It is not necessary to fold the bed every day.

An indispensable assistant when receiving guests

Transforming bed for the small-sized apartment: the folding mechanism for a bed

A lifting bed (or folding) is the usual single, half, double, bunk transforming bed or a children's bed, which can be raised by a spring mechanism, finding itself in a plane parallel to the wall.

Free up space - easy

When folded, the lifting bed serves as another indispensable piece of furniture.

When unfolded, the bed is no different than usual.

When folded, the bed is an element of a headset or is a separate cabinet. The cabinet door, which when facing down the bed turns out to be facing the floor, can be decorated in various ways. Lifting beds also differ in size, orientation and, of course, quality.

Lifting bed - a creative solution for a small space

Bright wardrobe with a folding bed for the studio

Types of folding beds (adult and children's transforming bed)

Based on the characteristics of the location of the bed relative to the wall, there are:

  • horizontal lifting mechanism (the bed is in contact with the wall with its side);

Multifunctional bed-transformer: ease of use and space saving

Stylish modern interior with a built-in bed

  • vertical lifting mechanism (the mechanism of the vertical bed cabinet suggests that the bed is in contact with the wall at the head of the bed).

Double beds with lifting mechanism

If we are talking about a double place, then there is not much difference when choosing a mechanism. A narrow single bed with a vertical lifting mechanism forms just one casement door, which allows you to place a full-fledged wardrobe closet for clothes. Consider that you need a lot of free space to decompose such a bed. A bed with a horizontal lifting mechanism is usually used as an element of the most open headset - there are shelves above the folded bed, although they can be hidden by swing doors or sliding doors.

A simple transformation will turn a spacious room into a cozy bedroom.

Space Saves More Freedom

Transforming sofa: features of the legs and accessories for the wardrobe-bed

In the unfolded form, the case of the folding bed is located on the legs, so this furniture is able to withstand the representatives of the impressive weight category, and the married couple. When folded, the legs either retract into special niches and are no longer visible, or remain visible.

Corner bed with a lifting mechanism: the legs of the bed are made in the form of a monolithic sliding metal block

Effective use of the transforming bed in the house of a creative person

Here, too, options are possible - the traditional legs in the corners of the bed can be carved or painted, representing a decorative element of the interior. And if the legs are made in the form of solid ribs, they may well serve as shelves. However, the use of these shelves as intended, if the bed is intended for daily use, will be problematic.

Modern bedroom for a teenager with a folding bed

Minimalistic interior with a comfortable transforming bed

Lifting mechanism for the bed

The spring mechanism allows you to fold and remove the bed with a flick of the wrist. If you do not save on quality and get a decent copy, you will get an absolutely safe, reliable and durable mechanism. The question of the design of the bed during the day is removed - all the pillows and blankets are simply and quickly hidden in the closet.

Several movements will help overcome the temptation to return to bed.

Built-in wardrobe bed - ideal for a small room

The doors of the cabinet are decorated with mirrors (which visually further increases the space of the room after raising the bed), glass elements with sandblasting, painting, carving, photo printing.

Feeling of freedom even in a small space

The doors are selected in accordance with the rest of the furniture and design of the room. Typically, interior designers recommend to purchase a folding bed at the stage of furnishing the room. For a bedroom or a one-room apartment, you should purchase a wardrobe with a built-in bed or make yourself a wardrobe-bed to order.

Laconic, effective interior solution

For a living room where the bed will be used as a bed for infrequent guests, it is wise to buy a set with open shelves, a niche for video and audio equipment, a bookcase.

Advantages of the folding mechanism

  1. Emotional comfort. A double bed in a small room sometimes leaves no room at all. It is not always cozy in a richly furnished room. Lifting bed will give a feeling of space and freedom, allowing you to easily move around the room.

    Double folding bed in a small living room

    Excellent solution for the vacated space

    Modern solution: a folding bed will help create different moods in the room


  • Colossal space savings. A folding bed has very practical advantages - you can put a folding exercise machine or a drawing table to the free space during the day.

Case bed with a sofa

  • Stylish decision. A bed-wardrobe looks much more elegant and original than a banal sofa bed. For lovers of modern interior solutions such a bed will become an indispensable find.

Folding bed, built-in wardrobe: disadvantages of the bed-wardrobe:

  • Psychological discomfort. Many people are afraid of such beds, considering that the mechanism can slam at any time while they sleep, or vice versa - that the folded bed can “fall” on a person passing by. And although each seller will assure you of the reliability of the design, it is better to give preference to reputable manufacturing plants and well-known trademarks.

White bedroom with a transforming bed

  • Daily manipulations. When choosing a permanent bed, please note that you have to lay out the bed every time before going to bed. It is not always convenient if, for example, you come tired.

A reliable mechanism for a comfortable bed will help you quickly forget about minor inconveniences.

Quality furniture as an investment in home comfort and coziness

  • High price. To fold the bed was durable, and looked aesthetically pleasing, you will have to pay a rather large amount. If you try to make such a mechanism by yourself in order to save, then no one can guarantee you its absolute security.

As you can see, the ergonomic and stylish folding bed has both positive and some negative features. In order to finally determine whether this option suits you, we recommend watching the thematic video.

How to make a folding bed with your own hands?