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12 tricks to help get rid of the most common spots


You never want to part with your favorite clothes or things because of an annoying accident in the form of a spot or indelible mark.

Lipstick, traces of a marker or coffee, rust, dirt, grease and many other things can harm our favorite things.

However, any problem is always a suitable solution. And with these spots you can cope in two accounts, knowing a few useful life hacks.

1. Oil stains

Baby powder can be useful for adults.

In the case of oil or fat stains, act as quickly as possible. To get rid of them, it will be most effective to apply baby powder. Just sprinkle a little right on the stain and leave for a few hours or even better at night. And in the morning we clean off the leftovers and wash them as usual. Baby powder has excellent absorbency, so it will help to get out of a quandary.

2. Raid on the circle

From a beautiful clean mug and coffee is more pleasant to drink.

Frequent use of coffee is inextricably linked with unpleasant accidents in the form of brown spots. And if there are a lot of spots on clothes, as well as means of cleaning, then ugly raids in circles, especially light ones, are often forgotten. And in fact, they are quite easy to remove using baking soda. It needs to be applied to the walls of the mug for a few minutes, and then washed, and everything will shine again.

3. Rust on cutlery

Sour fruit is able to benefit not only the body.

Even high-quality cutlery over time can lose its original appearance. Frequent use in high humidity conditions may cause rust. To get rid of it on knives and other cutlery, you should use the help of lemon juice. We simply cover the places affected by rust with citrus juice and leave for a few minutes to absorb it. Then my devices as usual and enjoy the result.

The original way to remove particularly stubborn stains.

Often, sports shoes with white soles suffer from persistent pollution. Spots or gray bloom after dust is not washed out even with intensive cleaning. But do not be upset and rush to the store for a new pair of favorite shoes. Remove all stains and dirt will help conventional nail polish remover.

5. Dirt on suede

A little effort, and any pollution as was.

The well-known fact that suede is a very delicate material that requires special care. To wet and intensively to rub it it is impossible, as well as to use aggressive means. But what to do if suede is accidentally stained with dirt? Use a nail file, which all dirt easily erased.

6. Coffee stains on fabric

You can even get rid of coffee stains if you know a little secret.

Spilled coffee on your favorite blouse? Do not get upset ahead of time, you need to try to quickly blot the stain with a small amount of vinegar. As soon as the stain is thoroughly soaked, we send the favorite thing to the washing machine and wash it as usual. After drying, there will be no trace of coffee.

7. Marker marks

Excellent tool to remove traces from the marker.

Markers are very well absorbed into any surface, so it is extremely difficult to remove them. But even here there is an excellent, repeatedly proven solution in practice - to use toothpaste. Just lubricate the mark of the marker and leave for a few minutes. You can remove the stain from almost any surface.

8. Burned fat on the baking sheet

No pollution is terrible with a secret remedy for experienced housewives.

Fat on the pan - the eternal problem of many housewives. I want to wash off quickly and without damaging the coating. Especially for especially stubborn cases there is an excellent effective remedy. You need to take a quarter cup of baking soda and mix with a small amount of water to make a paste, and add hydrogen peroxide there. Then apply the resulting product on a baking sheet, give a burnt fat a little soak for half an hour and wash the spots with a wet sponge.

9. Blood and fat stains

Even such terrible stains can be removed without difficulty.

Blood and fat are stains that can be removed from your clothes. All that needs to be done is to add a can of cola along with laundry detergent in the usual laundry. The popular drink contains carbonic acid and phosphoric acid, which can be doubly effective in dealing with stains than conventional means.

10. Traces of mold and mildew

Down with all traces of unpleasant "living creatures."

Even if you destroy the fungus and mold in places of high humidity, after them there are often very ugly and irritating gray spots. But with this problem you can easily cope. These spots should be simply sprayed with vodka and left for 15 minutes. Then we clean all the dirt with an old toothbrush and enjoy the radiant cleanliness.

11. Yellow spots on armpits

A pair of stains won't make you throw your clothes away if you use this life hacking.

Do you have yellow spots on your white armpits? It does not matter, pour lemon juice mixed with a small amount of water on the stain and leave to dry. Let the yellow fabric dry completely in the sun, and then just wash as usual. To cope with the most old and yellow spots, you need to add to the mixture of lemon and water a little baking soda.

12. Old spots

You can wash everything.

Even if you do not have time to remove the stain immediately after contamination, do not be upset. You can still get rid of them. You just need to mix a little dish detergent with hydrogen peroxide, and moisten the stains with this combination. In order for the product to work well, it must be left for 20 minutes before you send the clothes to the wash.