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12 pots and vases for succulents and cacti for those who do not want to bother with watering


Recently, the plants in the apartment have become not just a nice addition to the windowsills, but part of the interior decor. For those who want to plant their abode, but do not have additional time to care for flowers, unpretentious cacti and succulents will come to the rescue, which will delight you with its beauty all year round.

Especially, if it is right for them to pick up original pots and flowerpots, or vice versa - to abandon them in favor of seemingly completely unsuitable items.

1. Glass pot

Round-shaped glass pots are an excellent choice for succulents and cacti.

Such a "house" for succulents will perfectly fit into both the loft and eclecticism.

2. Wooden vases

Wooden wonderful box - the original decision.

A simple but original solution - ordinary wooden boxes.

Wooden futuristic designer flowerpot for succulents will be the highlight of your interior.

3. Snag

A pot with imitation snags ideal for picky plants.

Also, as pots for cacti and succulents, you can use real or decorative snags.

4. Books and boxes

As pots for succulents and cacti, you can use old books or decorative pots, stylized for them.

"Book" pots for cacti and succulents.

You can also use old boxes or small suitcases.

5. Original pots in the form of figurines

These are the pots in the form of little men will be a wonderful decoration not only for plants, but also for the interior.

Black and white.

6. Creative pots

These bright dudes will appeal not only to adults, but also to children.

7. "Shoes"

A stylish solution will be pots, stylized shoes. Particularly brave craftsmen can make something similar themselves from old shoes, sneakers and shoes.

8. Memento mori

For those who are not prejudiced, be sure to enjoy pots in the form of skulls.

Memento Mori.

9. Stone Pots

A wonderful addition to the interior will be pots made of stone.

Geometric curly pots. An interesting solution for a free shelf or a bored windowsill.

10. Lovely bright ornamental pots

Such pots will easily fit into any interior.

These colorful pots daily will cheer up with its bright and rich flowers.

11. Cachepoons

Such pots will look very nice hanging in a row along the wall.


Cache pot in the form of a drop.

12. Banks, flasks and dishes

Even the most ordinary glass jars can serve as pots for succulents and cacti.

Cups and bowls also should not be dropped from the shields.