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16 pieces of furniture with hidden features that can more than it seems at first glance


Many of us know the situation of limited living space, when there is little space, I want to put all the necessary pieces of furniture. And then you literally have to cling to every corner.

Square meters add, of course, will not work, but modern furniture manufacturers are not sitting idly by. We have collected 16 interior items with hidden features that can more than it seems at first glance.

1. Console table

Multifunctional console table.

In the folded version in front of you is a laconic wall with a narrow console table. However, the possibilities of this piece of furniture are much greater.

2. Cabinet

Cabinet with hidden features.

Modern cabinet with many sections, one of which is equipped with a hinged lid that can serve as a full-fledged desktop.

3. Sofa

Folding sofa.

Compact sofa in modern style, which is easily transformed into a hard sofa and two chairs. In our opinion, such a sofa will ideally fit into the interior of a modern hallway in a modern or high-tech style.

4. Built-in wall

Built-in closet.

Large built-in wardrobe, the main sections of which are in fact concise folding beds.

5. Double table

Dining table with a secret.

Massive dining table, which in one motion can be turned into a table for billiards. Such a piece of furniture is an excellent acquisition for those who appreciate comfort and luxury.

6. Shelving

Convertible shelving.

Easy rack, which consists of many sections that can be disassembled and transformed at its discretion. Thus, the rack can easily perform the functions of a coffee table, a small shelf, and individual stools.

7. Painting


At first glance, this is a modern picture with lighting, but in fact, it is something more. The upper part of this decor is folded back, turning into a stable tabletop, which can serve as a desk.

8. Bed

Tiered bed.

In our opinion, this unique piece of furniture is a real find for a small nursery or guest room. This set is a loft bed with a narrow writing desk, under which there are two more retractable beds.

9. Retractable table

Retractable table.

This retractable tabletop is a godsend for those who cannot find places in their kitchen for a full-fledged dining area. As unnecessary, it can be easily pushed in and, if necessary, also easily pushed and used as a table and an additional working surface.

10. Mobile table

Folding console table on wheels.

A narrow console table on wheels, with two lifting tops on the sides and a couple of small lockers.

11. Lifting bed

Bed with a lifting mechanism.

A large double bed, equipped with a special mechanism that allows, if necessary, raise it to the ceiling itself and thereby free up a lot of space.

12. Secretary

Two in one: a secretary and a desk.

A charming secretary with a hinged lid, which due to good fixation can be used as a compact desk.

13. "Dining" headset

Set of table and chairs.

A wonderful Provence style suite, which consists of a round table and four stools, which are completely hidden under its frame.

14. Bookcase

Folding bookcase.

The original bookcase with a corner shelf, which can be used as a working area or as a stand for a laptop.

15. Barbecue

Barbecue grill.

Compact lifting grill, which, when not needed, easily folds and becomes part of the facade of the house.

16. Parking for bicycles

Garage for bicycles.

This small structure, like a cabinet, is actually a place for storing bicycles and scooters. Due to the sliding platform, you can easily put or remove the desired vehicle.